NB_190_23_09 - NB 190-23-9 ECS - 2022 Plant Materials Program Reports of Activities
NB 190-23-9 ECS - 2022 Plant Materials Program Reports of Activities
National Bulletin: 190-23-9  
Date: May 12, 2023 
Subject: ECS - 2022 Plant Materials Program Reports of Activities 

Purpose.   This national bulletin announces the Plant Materials Program Reports of Activities for 2022.     
Expiration Date.   December 31, 2023  

Plant Materials Centers publish annual reports to summarize significant activities each year. The reports provide information on new conservation plant materials that have been developed and the results of activities and studies.


The 2022 reports from the National Plant Materials Program and individual Plant Materials Centers, as well as the program’s new report on climate smart agriculture activities, are available on the Plant Materials Program website. The reports highlight recent accomplishments, activities, and coordinated efforts among Plant Materials Centers to address the plant material needs identified by NRCS offices. The reports also illustrate the breadth of activities that occur at Plant Materials Centers to support NRCS conservation delivery.

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Submit questions and comments to John Englert, National Program Leader-Plant Materials, Ecological Sciences Division, at (202) 720-0536 or john.englert@usda.gov.



  Deputy Chief for Science and Technology  

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