NB_290_23_6 - NB 290-23-6 INV - Local Data Collection for the 2022 National Resources Inventory
NB 290-23-6 INV - Local Data Collection for the 2022 National Resources Inventory
National Bulletin: 290-23-6 Date: May 9, 2023
Subject: INV - Local Data Collection for the 2022 National Resources Inventory

Action Required By:  January 31, 2024
Purpose.  This national bulletin provides information regarding the schedule for planned local data collection for the 2022 National Resources Inventory (NRI).
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2024
Background.  In order to meet agency milestones for the delivery of NRI data, NRCS must complete local data collection for the 2022 Annual NRI no later than January 31, 2024. Local data collected by the states are a critical part of the NRI data collection process.

The Local Data Survey Instrument (LDSI) is expected to be operational on September 1, 2023, and data will once again be collected using a custom web-based survey instrument. As in the past, data collectors will be able to electronically access Farm Service Agency crop history records for most NRI segments. This makes the local data collection effort more efficient.
Explanation.  Each remote sensing laboratory (RSL) and state have responsibility for managing the workload. Every state resource inventory coordinator (SRIC) has been provided tools (planning data sets and WebStats) for managing the workload locally. RSLs will help resolve any data inconsistencies and will work with the SRICs to solve problems that arise during data collection.

RSL and Resource Inventory Team staff will coordinate remote training sessions for SRICs. Training for all SRICs will be scheduled around the kickoff date in September and will cover any changes or modifications to the survey process. More indepth training on the use of the LDSI will be made available to recently appointed SRICs. It is important that each SRIC receive some training in order to become familiar with the NRI data collection cycle and the role of states to collect accurate crop records and other information related to erosion prediction and conservation practices.

Once the LDSI becomes available for use, SRICs will be able to monitor the available workload coming from the RSL via WebStats. Local data segments are the RSLs’ top priority for data collection. RSL leaders will communicate progress to the SRICs in their respective regions throughout the data collection cycle. In order to maintain the scheduled delivery of NRI results, all states must complete local data collection by January 31, 2024.
Contact.  For additional information, contact the RSL leader in your region or the Resources Inventory Branch at 301-504-2222.


Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment

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