NB_180_23_5 - NB 180-23-5 CPA – Release of Small Farms Fact Sheets
NB 180-23-5 CPA – Release of Small Farms Fact Sheets
National Bulletin: 180-23-5 Date: May 8, 2023
Subject: CPA – Release of Small Farms Fact Sheets 

                                                                    For Immediate Adoption
Purpose.  To release a set of Small Farms Fact Sheets to support agency efforts providing technical assistance to small operators. 
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2023
Background.  General Manual Title 180, Part 410 - Small Farms, 410.3 Policy, B. (1) states: “it is NRCS policy to…develop and support financial assistance, technical assistance, and outreach programs and initiatives that focus on the special needs of small farms...” The Small Farm Fact Sheets were originally developed from 2007-2009. The documents have been updated and refreshed to assist planners working with small farm operators.
Explanation.  This bulletin notifies states that the Small Farms Fact Sheets are now available for the public at Farmers.gov (https://www.farmers.gov/your-business/small-scale-producers) and for NRCS employees at the NRCS website (https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/resources/guides-and-instructions/solutions-for-small-scale-farms). This set of documents is intended to provide a general explanation of applicable conservation practices typical for small farms. They are to be used as an outreach tool and may be modified as appropriate to better fit state needs. All technical requirements for a specific conservation practice are found in the conservation practice standard in the Field Office Technical Guide Section 4.
Contact.  For any questions, please contact Rafael Vega, ENTSC Natural Resource Specialist, at (919) 710-0807 or rafael.vega@usda.gov; or Eric Fleming, ENTSC Agricultural Engineer, at (336) 370-3348, or eric.fleming@usda.gov


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