NB_430_23_10 - NB 430-23-10 SOI – 2023 National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) National Conference
NB 430-23-10 SOI – 2023 National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) National Conference
National Bulletin: 430-23-10  
Date: March 6, 2023 
Subject: SOI – 2023 National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) National Conference

Action Requested By:   April 14, 2023
Purpose.   This national bulletin requests information for attendance to the 2023 NCSS national conference. 
Expiration Date.   December 31, 2023 
Background.   The NCSS is a nationwide partnership of federal, regional, State, and local agencies and private entities and institutions. The NCSS national conference brings together representatives of the NCSS across the country biannually to discuss technical and scientific recommendations and provide training to participants.

The 2023 NCSS national conference will be held in person at the Bismarck State College in Bismarck, ND, from July 9 to 13, 2023, and is co-hosted by Dr. David Hopkins (North Dakota State University) and North Dakota State soil scientist Wade Bott (NRCS). A limited virtual attendance option will be available. The theme for this year’s conference is “Soil, Energy, and Agriculture for Resilient Ecosystems” and will focus on climate-smart agriculture, the intersection of agriculture and energy development, agronomic cropping history perspectives, ecological principles for soil health management systems, and the mainstays of field tours. The conference will also present awards of recognition.  

To attend the NCSS national conference, the NRCS employee must be participating in one or more of the following:

·     Presenting a paper or poster or making a presentation

·     Moderating a technical session

·     Serving as an active member of a committee meeting at the national conference

·     Maintaining credits for professional development or continuing education credits.

States, soil survey regions, and centers must fill out the NCSS Conference Calculation Worksheet and email the worksheet to Latoya Jones at latoya.jones@usda.gov by April 14, 2023. Include “NCSS Conference” in the email subject line.

The Soil and Plant Science Division will submit the worksheet through the Agriculture Conference Management System meeting approval system and coordinate approval and communication. Each administrative office must prepare travel authorizations and cover related travel costs using their allocated soil funding.

Contact.   For further information, contact Latoya Jones, Soil and Plant Science Division, by email at latoya.jones@usda.gov.    


 Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment  

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