NB_180_23_1 - NB 180-23-1 CPA – Solicitation of Applications for Vacancies on the National Wetland Adverse Determination Cadre
NB 180-23-1 CPA – Solicitation of Applications for Vacancies on the National Wetland Adverse Determination Cadre
National Bulletin: 180-23-1  
Date: February 24, 2023 
Subject: CPA – Solicitation of Applications for Vacancies on the National Wetland Adverse Determination Cadre

Action Required By:  May 1, 2023        
Purpose.  This national bulletin solicits applications for 3-year term vacancies on the National Wetland Adverse Determination (NWAD) cadre.     
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2023  
Background.  NI 190-318 requires that states submit certain wetland determinations to the NWAD cadre for review. Final technical determinations (FTD) requiring review are those “converted wetland” or “converted wetland plus year” (hereafter referred to as “CW”) determinations that will be issued as the result of a state conservationist (STC) review of a reconsidered adverse CW determination.

The role of the cadre is to provide technical support to the state for adverse CW determinations, prior to the STC issuing the adverse decision as final. This strategy aims to improve the customer experience by ensuring the technical and administrative accuracy, quality, and consistency of all adverse CW determinations. Cadre members are responsible for conducting a technical review of the administrative record (AR) and providing review findings and any recommendations to the state for consideration.

Cadre members serve a 3-year term, only extended with the expressed support of the cadre member’s STC. The cadre responsibilities are identified and managed as a collateral duty as provided by DR 4020 511 001 § 13, “Collateral Duty Assignments.” To minimize the impacts to the participating STC, collateral duties for the cadre assignment do not exceed 15 percent of the person’s time and the cadre shall not have more than one member from any state. The mandatory review period of a determination is no more than 2 weeks from receipt of the AR, with an additional 2 weeks if needed for coordination between the cadre member and state staff. Technical support and training for the cadre is provided by the National Technology Support Centers (NTSC).
Explanation.   NRCS is soliciting applications to fill two vacancies on the NWAD cadre.

When responding to this vacancy announcement, please consider the technical training required in making and reviewing WC determinations. At a minimum, applicants should have completed Phases I, II, and III of the Wetland Identification for Food Security Act Purposes training. It would be advantageous for applicants to have attended the Wetland Determination for Food Security Act Purposes – Advanced Course and/or be seeking enrollment for the Wetland Identification on Complex Sites – A Technically Advanced Course for Experienced Staff conducted by the NTSC. Selected candidates are required to attend a mandatory in-person training (details to be provided upon selection).

The “NWAD Cadre Guide” (attachment B) provides more information on cadre membership, roles, and responsibilities. Applicants are encouraged to read it prior to submitting an application. Cadre members are expected to be familiar with its contents and use it while performing cadre duties.

Applicants must complete and submit the “NWAD Cadre Application” form (attachment A) with a resume (no more than two pages) and cover letter (no more than one page) as part of an application package. The application includes a statement of concurrence that must be signed by the applicant’s immediate supervisor or line officer, and by the respective STC or director (as appropriate). This concurrence demonstrates agreement to support the employee by granting up to 15 percent of their time for cadre work activities.

The “NWAD Cadre Memorandum of Understanding” (attachment C) explains the roles and responsibilities of the cadre member, solicits concurrence from the applicant’s immediate supervisor, and serves as an agreement between all parties that the cadre member will be expected to perform the necessary duties in a timely manner when called upon. Applicants are encouraged to read it and discuss it with their supervisor prior to submitting an application.

Please submit completed application packages to David Manthei via email at  david.manthei@usda.gov with the subject heading “NWAD Cadre Application” and the applicant’s name and state. Applications must be submitted no later than May 1, 2023.
Contact.  Questions or concerns should be directed to David Manthei, National Wetland and Highly Erodible Land Conservation Specialist, Ecological Sciences Division, Science and Technology Deputy Area, at (817) 301-8659 or by email at david.manthei@usda.gov.    


Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

Attachment A – NWAD Cadre Application
Attachment B – NWAD Cadre Guidebook
Attachment C – NWAD Cadre MOU    
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