NB_360_23_1 - NB 360-23-1 PER – Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Employee Development Section (EDS)/NRCS Delivery Schedule and Seat Allocations
NB 360-23-1 PER – Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Employee Development Section (EDS)/NRCS Delivery Schedule and Seat Allocations
National Bulletin: 360-23-1  
Date: January 18, 2023
Subject: PER – Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Employee Development Section (EDS)/NRCS Delivery Schedule and Seat Allocations

Action Requested By:   February 17, 2023
Purpose.   This national bulletin announces the FY 2023 EDS/NRCS delivery schedule and seat allocations for training funded by National Headquarters (NHQ). 
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2023 
Background.   EDS and NRCS created the FY 2023 schedule using a data-driven scheduling process that includes past completion numbers, individual development plans, and other data. The schedule includes a blend of virtual centrally funded, in-person centrally funded, and State-sponsored sessions. 
Explanation.   For events throughout FY 2023 marked as centrally funded, NHQ will fund EDS training operations and course logistics, instructor travel, and student travel and per diem.

For non-centrally funded State-sponsored sessions, the requesting entity will fund the training. Bookings are reserved for employees of that organization or State throughout the booking period. If there are seats open at the end of the booking period, the host organization or State is encouraged to open seats to federal employees in neighboring States or other NRCS organizations. Requesting States cover costs, such as instructor and participant travel, classroom and van rental, vendor contracts, and similar costs. States also arrange logistics, such as hotel meeting space and room blocks. EDS assists by creating the AgLearn seminar event, overseeing instructor selection, and providing quality control for the curriculum delivery.

Seat Allocations.  To ensure that booking in centrally funded events proceeds in an equitable fashion, EDS and NRCS NHQ have allocated seats on a proportional basis, based on the percentage of the organization’s workforce as compared to the national workforce. Seat allotments can be found in Attachment A or on the FPAC AgLearn Administrators and Training Officers SharePoint site. Seats have been allocated as either virtual seats for live virtual training or in-person seats for live in-person training. Other than the distinction between virtual and in-person seats, seats are allotted at-large and may be used for any centrally funded course that matches the virtual or in-person delivery method. Training officers should reference the location for the session to determine whether the seat is a virtual or in-person seat. The sessions have also been divided into two tabs in Attachment A to designate if the seats fall under virtual or in-person.

Centrally funded events are listed on the training schedule with seat allotments designated with “Y (Yes).” Training officers must sign employees up for these events. A job aid can be found in Attachment B or on the FPAC AgLearn Administrators and Training Officers SharePoint site. To minimize cancellations and changes, training officers must verify that bookings in centrally funded events do not exceed the number of seats allotted to the organization, employees have supervisory approval to attend the training, and employees are able to attend before booking the employee in AgLearn. Training officers should also verify that employees allocated a seat meet the target audience for the course selected.

Training officers should book employees using seat allocations as early as possible. If NRCS remains on a continuing resolution for the full FY, sessions late in the year may be cancelled. In addition, if there are open seats in any centrally funded session when the booking period closes, the number of overall open seats available to be used for seat allocations is reduced.

NHQ seats have been allocated in four buckets based on the third organizational level: Science & Technology (S&T), Soil Science and Resource Assessment (SSRA), Programs, and NHQ. NHQ seats can be used by any NHQ employee not under S&T, SSRA, or Programs. Centers fall under S&T. International programs falls under SSRA.

Accountability/How to Track.  There are two lists on the FPAC AgLearn Administrators and Training Officers SharePoint site. One list tracks virtual seat allocations and the other list tracks in-person seat allocations. A line has been created for each seat allocation. The first column shows the organization that manages that seat allocation/row on the tracker. Training officers should not add or delete rows or change the organization in the first column. Once the organization determines how to use the seat allocation, the training officer should fill in columns two through six and follow the instructions in Attachment B for indicating the use of a seat allocation in AgLearn.

Contact.   Training officers may submit questions in the Employee Care Center (ECC) Portal under Employee Development at EDS Annual Training Schedule


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Attachment A – Seat Allocation Tracker
Attachment B – AgLearn Job Aid – How to Book Users into Seminar Events – Centrally Funded PDF 
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