NB_210_23_3 - NB 210-23-3 ENG – Review of Draft 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 24
NB 210-23-3 ENG – Review of Draft 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 24
National Bulletin: 210-23-3 
Date: January 17, 2023 
Subject: ENG – Review of Draft 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 24 

Action Required By:  March 10, 2023    
Purpose.  The purpose of this bulletin is to request State (or equivalent) and Center review of draft Title 210, National Engineering Handbook (NEH), Part 631, Chapter 24, “Sediment Deposition,” dated November 2022. 
Expiration Date.  March 10, 2023
Background.  Title 210, NEH, Part 631, Chapter 24 is the preferred NRCS reference for sediment deposition in sedimentation investigations, rehabilitation of existing structures, and design of structures and conservation practices. This version of 210-NEH Part 631 Chapter 24 replaces Chapter 5, “Deposition of Sediment;” Chapter 6, “Sediment Sources, Yields, and Sediment Delivery Ratios;” Chapter 7, “Field Investigations and Surveys;” and Chapter 8, Sediment-Storage Design Criteria” in 210-NEH-631, in Section 3 – Sedimentation.

Attached to this national bulletin are the following:

1. A draft copy of 210-NEH 631, Chapter 24 for review.
2. A revision summary sheet for 210-NEH 631, Chapter 24, which includes notes regarding NEH chapter formatting.
3. A spreadsheet for compiling State review comments for Chapter 24.
Explanation.   State Conservation Engineers (or equivalent) and Center staffs are to review the attached Title 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 24 and submit one set of compiled comments per State (or equivalent) or Center by March 10, 2023. The attached spreadsheet contains further instructions.

More than one submittal per State or Center will not be accepted. The State Conservation Engineer or Center Director, or their designee, must send submittal with an explanatory note. States are asked to respond by the due date, whether they submit comments or not.

Email comments and responses to Kevin Farmer, Director of CED, Conservation Engineering Division, at kevin.farmer@usda.gov.

States are urged not to delay starting reviews until right before the due date. 

Contact.  Contact the Director of CED by email at kevin.farmer@usda.gov with any questions or concerns about the contents of this bulletin.    


Noller Herbert
Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

Attachment 1 - Draft of 210-NEH 631, Chapter 24
Attachment 2 - Revision Summary to 210-NEH 631, Chapter 24
Attachment 3 - Spreadsheet for Compiling State Review Comments Chapter 24
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