NB_440_22_26 - NB 440-22-26 PGM - Duplicate Payment Reconciliation
NB 440-22-26 PGM - Duplicate Payment Reconciliation
National Bulletin:  440-22-26 
Date: September 7, 2022 
Subject: PGM – Duplicate Payment Reconciliation 

Purpose.  To provide instructions to the States on reconciling contracts with duplicate payments.  
Expiration Date.  December 31, 2023 
Background.  Duplicate payments have been reported in FMMI for various vendors. The duplicate payments often do not show up in ProTracts. This is caused by users approving the same contract item more than once in ProTracts within a matter of minutes. These duplicate payments must be reconciled within FMMI as these are considered overpayments.
Explanation.  These duplicate payments must be reconciled in FMMI as these are considered overpayments to the participant. A duplicate payment list is provided by FPAC-BC Financial Management Division to NRCS-Financial Assistance Program Division, Programs Branch, and Director on a biweekly basis. These payments will be worked internally by the Programs Branch to minimize impact to the field. Many of the duplicate payments do not show up in ProTracts and only appear in FMMI and Fund Manager.

In instances where a debt collection letter must be issued to the participant, the State Programs ASTC will be notified by email from either Xiomara Tryban or Nicola Giardina. A list of these pending actions will be housed on the FAPD Sharepoint for States to provide comments on when the debt collection letter was issued to the participant.

Debt collection letters should be issued within 30 days of the State being notified of the overpayment and the need to take action.

Some duplicate payments can be reconciled immediately before they reach the producer’s bank account. In situations such as these, FAPD Programs Branch will work directly with FPAC-BC to issue a Treasury return to prevent the need for a debt collection letter.

Support Tickets
No support tickets should be submitted for these incidents.
Contact.  Direct questions to Xiomara Tryban, business tools specialist, Nicola Giardina, Natural Resource Specialist, or Ed Sanders by email at xiomara.tryban@usda.gov, Nicola.giardina@usda.gov, Edward.sanders@usda.gov


 Karen Woodrich
Acting Deputy Chief for Programs

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