NB_290_22_11 - NB 290-22-11 INV – SSURGO-QueryTool (SSURGO-QT) Online Application Release
NB 290-22-11 INV – SSURGO-QueryTool (SSURGO-QT) Online Application Release
National Bulletin: 290-22-11 Date: July 27, 2022
Subject: INV – SSURGO-QueryTool (SSURGO-QT) Online Application Release

Purpose.  To announce the availability of the SSURGO-QueryTool (SSURGO-QT), a tool created to quickly determine where soils with specific physical and chemical properties occur within a designated ecoregion or a user-identified area of interest within the selected ecoregion. 
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022
Background.  Several online soil applications currently exist that provide users with soil interpretations for use, identify soils in one location at a time, and link to the soil map unit or component narrative. Until now, there has not been an online soil application that allows users to select an area of interest within their specified ecological region, choose specific soil physical and chemical properties, then display and download the resulting spatial distribution and extensive tabular data for those identified soil properties.
Explanation.  Developed and funded by the Grazing Lands Component of Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) and reviewed by the Soil and Plant Science Division, the new SSURGO-QT gives the user the power to select and search spatially for soil characteristics that are important for specific conservation treatments, assessments, or conceptual development (e.g., for conservation planning or ecological site concepts).

This online tool can be used to geographically select soils appropriate for treatment using conservation practices; develop soil and ecological site concepts and view their spatial distribution; enable modelers to determine suites of soils with similar properties to build model runs and apply model outputs to landscape units; and perform many other spatial-related soil queries for improved planning at multiple scales.

The SSURGO-QT can be accessed at https://ssurgoqt.com/

A user guide and clear information and popups are provided to optimize the user experience with SSURGO-QT. Each year, the application will be updated within 60 days after completion of the NRCS annual soil tabular (SSURGO) and spatial (gSSURGO) data refreshes.
Contact.  If you have questions about SSURGO-QT, please contact Loretta J. Metz, National CEAP-Grazing Land Component Leader, at (520) 686-9524 or loretta.metz@usda.gov.


Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment

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