NB_190_22_11 - NB 190-22-11 ECS – Release and Availability of the Wetland Conservation Tool
NB 190-22-11 ECS – Release and Availability of the Wetland Conservation Tool
National Bulletin: 190-22-11
Date: June 16, 2022
Subject: ECS – Release and Availability of the Wetland Conservation Tool

Purpose.   To notify states that a Wetland Conservation (WC) Tool is available to assist in making Food Security Act certified wetland determinations. 
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022 
Background.   A template WC Tool is available for use by all states and U.S. territories. Use of the tool is optional, however it is recommended due to its many benefits. The WC Tool was developed to improve the quality, consistency, and timeliness of NRCS certified wetland determinations (CWD) by streamlining the recording and transmittal of CWDs. The tool provides for consistent digitizing and compilation of Statewide CWD layers and assists agency experts in preliminary data gathering, base map development, and automatically generates form NRCS-CPA-026-WC, a CWD map, and a corresponding transmittal letter.

The WC Tool enables agency experts to improve internal efficiencies and external customer service by decreasing response times for CWD requests. Nationally on average, NRCS completes 27,000 CWDs a year.

The WC Tool consists of a series of toolboxes in a customized ArcGIS Pro template that guides the user through the wetland determination mapping process and produces required documentation and client products. It uploads completed geospatial records for improved management of CWD geospatial records and workload. This geospatial information is published for use in Conservation Desktop and provides unique but complimentary functionality to the Conservation Desktop HELC/WC Determination Tracking Tool. States will apply minimal customizations to begin using the ArcGIS Pro template and will populate a statewide address spreadsheet to enable automation in the nationally standardized forms. 

In NB 190-20-19 and 190-21-7, states were encouraged to prepare their WC staff to transition to the ArcGIS Pro environment by completing modules in the WC Tool ArcGIS Pro Fundamentals training plan in the ESRI Academy. These training resources are still available. Additionally, a comprehensive user guide is provided with the tool installation package.  Support from the State GIS specialists and/or State Tool Administrator is required to ensure that users properly install and use the WC Tool.  A WC Tool Webinar will be presented and recorded on June 21, 2022. Part 1 of the webinar (1:00 EST) will provide an overview of the tool. Part 2 of the webinar (2:30 EST) will provide setup instructions for State Tool Administrators.

Details on installation, customization and support for the tool are included in the Administrator Guide which is available in the Wetland Determination Tool folder identified below.


To access WC Tool materials, instructions, and training resources, visit the following SharePoint site:


NRCS State, Field & Technical Staff/Highly-Erodible-Land-and-Wetland-Conservation/GIS Tools (HEL/Wetland Determination Tools)


See Attachment A, “WC Tool Supplementary Information” for additional details and links to the WC Tool Webinar, Parts 1 and 2.


Questions about this bulletin may be directed to David Manthei, National Wetland and Highly Erodible Land Conservation Specialist, at david.manthei@usda.gov.  Questions about tool installation may be directed to Chris Morse, State GIS Coordinator, at (317) 501-1578 or by email at chris.morse@usda.gov.



  Noller Herbert 
  Deputy Chief for Science & Technology 

 Attachment A – WC Tool Supplementary Information    
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