NB_130_22_6 - NB 130-22-6 AGN - Soliciting applications for NRCS Climate Hub co-lead assignments
NB 130-22-6 AGN - Soliciting applications for NRCS Climate Hub co-lead assignments
National Bulletin: 130-22-6  
Date: June 13, 2022   
Subject: AGN - Soliciting applications for NRCS Climate Hub co-lead assignments

Action Required By:  July 15, 2022    
Purpose.  This bulletin is to solicit applications from interested staff (GS-13 or above in all job series) to serve as one of 10 Climate Hub co-leads on a renewable two-year collateral duty assignment.  
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022  
Background.  USDA's Climate Hubs are a unique collaboration across the department's agencies. The hubs are located at 10 regional locations and are co-led by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), the US Forest Service (USFS), and NRCS. The Climate Hubs link USDA research and program agencies in their regional delivery of timely and authoritative tools and information to agricultural producers and professionals.

The mission of the Climate Hubs is to develop and deliver science-based, region-specific information and technologies, with USDA agencies and partners, to agricultural and natural resource managers that enable climate-informed decision-making, and to provide access to assistance to implement those decisions. This is in alignment with the USDA mission to provide leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management and specifically addresses USDA Strategic Goal 1: Combat Climate Change to Support America’s Working Lands, Natural Resources and Communities.

Each Climate Hub has a host agency (ARS or USFS) director and two co-leads including a person from NRCS. This co-lead role is separate and distinct from NRCS employees (referred to as liaisons or detailees) who have worked with Climate Hubs on project-focused assignments. Key responsibilities of the NRCS co-lead are:

 • Actively represent NRCS as senior member of the Climate Hub leadership team to ensure that NRCS goals, objectives, and priorities are incorporated into Climate Hub strategic and operational plans.
• Provide technical oversight to NRCS staff working collaboratively with the Climate Hub, including those serving on long term details with a Climate Hub, and serve as the responsible official for NRCS-funded Climate Hub projects.
• Serve as a liaison between the Climate Hub and NRCS leadership served by the Climate Hub (e. g. State Conservationists, National Technology Support Center Directors) to facilitate two-way communication and information exchange
• Actively participate as a member of the NRCS Climate Hub leadership team led by the NRCS national climate hub lead under the Direction of the Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment.

Additional information on the Climate Hubs including locations, areas of responsibility, and ongoing activities can be found at: https://www.climatehubs.usda.gov/.   
Explanation.   The co-lead assignment will be a 15 percent collateral duty. These duties will be included in the Mission Results element of the Employee’s Performance Plan. Assignments will be on a fiscal year basis with new assignments starting on October 1, 2022 (FY 2023). Initial assignments will be for 2 years. An option to extend for up to 2additional two-year terms (maximum of 6 years) will be offered based on employee interest, Climate Hub director concurrence, and satisfactory performance. All selected co-leads are expected to attend the national co-leads meeting to be held in Beltsville, MD., from September 13-15, 2022. Expenses for this meeting and all other direct expenses related to Climate Hub co-lead duties (excluding salary) will be paid by the National Climate Hub program.
This assignment is open to current, full-time, GS-13 or higher grade NRCS National Headquarters, Center, and State employees in any job series. We welcome and encourage a diverse group of applicants.

Application Process and Deadline to Apply. Interested applicants must submit:

• A statement (no more than 1 page) specifying their Climate Hub of interest, describing their interest in the co-lead position and including relevant strengths and experiences that they would bring to the Climate Hub;
• A short (no more than 2 page) resume; and
• A statement of support from their first-line supervisor.
We welcome applicants for co-lead positions with all 10 Climate Hubs. Current NRCS co-leads who wish to continue in the position must reapply and will be given preference. A list of current NRCS co-leads is attached.
Applications should be submitted to Michael Robotham, SSRA Senior Scientist and NRCS Climate Hub National Lead (michael.robotham@usda.gov) by Close of Business Friday, July 15, 2022.
Contact.  For more information, contact Michael Robotham, SSRA Senior Scientist at 202-821-7614 (mobile), via TEAMS, or by email to michael.robotham@usda.gov with the subject line CH-XXX Co-Lead.  


Deputy Chief, Soil Science and Resource Assessment


  USDA Regional Climate Hubs  
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