NB_440_22_21 - NB 440-22-21 PGM – National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) User Access Review and Certification
NB 440-22-21 PGM – National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) User Access Review and Certification
National Bulletin: 440-22-21 
Date: June 6, 2022
Subject: PGM – National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) User Access Review and Certification 

Action Required By:   July 22, 2022

Purpose.   To communicate the timeline and responsibilities for the annual and quarterly review and certification of NEST users.     
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022  
Background.   An annual review of active NEST users is required. The designated approving official (e.g., the State conservationist, regional conservationist, deputy chief, or other NHQ supervisor) must certify that the active users in their State or area are the correct users for their associated area and have the appropriate role assignments.

Guidance requires that each employee who has an active NEST user account have their roles formally reviewed by the applicable designated approving official. This annual review will result in one of the following:

• A confirmation that the role is appropriate as assigned.
• The role is being edited to reflect the current location and/or responsibilities.
• The user’s account is being deactivated.
Explanation.   Within 30 days of a NEST user’s duties or location changing, a completed NEST User Access Request is required to be submitted by the approving official to the NEST Administrator. This requirement also applies when an active user is separated from the Agency. The NEST Administrator will make the requested changes upon receipt of the requested change. The request must be submitted as part of the offboarding of separated staff.

To ensure that this requirement is being enforced and to account for all active users, all approving officials must complete the following actions no later than close of business July 22, 2022:

• Run or obtain a current copy of the “Active NEST User Report” from the NEST “Master Report” page. The report is located under the “My Pages” section.

• Assess whether the users listed on the report are within the correct area and are assigned a role that is consistent with their position’s responsibilities (see Attachment C for Role Compatibilities).

Note: State conservationists are not responsible for active users with National-level roles within their administrative area (see page 2 of Attachment B for Roles in NEST).

• Complete the verification sheet (Attachment A).

• Create a Program Activities Management Solution (PAMS) General Request ticket with the “Request Type” of “NEST Assistance” and “Request Sub-Type” of “Access Review & Certification.” Complete the required fields in the ticket and upload both the completed verification sheet and “Active NEST User Report.” Follow instructions in Attachment D to submit a completed ticket for processing.

• If a user account needs to be amended, added, or deactivated, the “NEST User Access Permissions Request” (Attachment B) must be submitted as a separate PAMS ticket with the “Request Type” of “NEST Assistance” and “Request Sub-Type” of “User Access Request” (see Attachment D).

NEST user accounts that are not reviewed and certified by July 22, 2022, will be deactivated.  
Contact.   Questions regarding the completion of the required NEST documents may be directed to NEST Support at PAMS General Request ticket with the “Request Type” of “NEST Assistance” (See Attachment D).   


  Acting Deputy Chief for Programs 

Attachment A – User Verification Designated approving official NEST User Certification
Attachment B – User Access Request
Attachment C – NEST User Role Compatibility
Attachment D – PAMS Submission Instructions    
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