NB_450_22_2 - NB 450-22-2 TCH - Update and Management of Conservation Practice Physical Effects (CPPE)
NB 450-22-2 TCH - Update and Management of Conservation Practice Physical Effects (CPPE)
National Bulletin: NB 450-22-2 Date:     January 6, 2022
Subject: TCH - Update and Management of Conservation Practice Physical Effects (CPPE)

Action Required By:  September 30, 2022


Purpose.  To provide update and guidance for the management of data in CPPEs.   


Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022


Background.  The CPPE is no longer used in ranking financial assistance program applications. The Conservation Application Ranking Tool replaced the Application Evaluation Ranking Tool. States will no longer be asked to update the CPPE for financial assistance programs. However, the CPPE will continue to be used for conservation planning and training.


Explanation.  The CPPE will continue to be updated each year at the national level by the Science and Technology Deputy Area. States are still required to post the CPPE in Section V of their Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) per Title 450 – General Manual, Part 401, Subpart A, Section 401.1, which states: “The NTGC must establish and maintain the national Conservation Practice Physical Effects (CPPE) matrix. The CPPE data is developed by national technical specialists and may be modified by states to represent state-specific conditions.”

The National CPPE is posted at Conservation Practice Physical Effects CPPE | NRCS Economics | NRCS (usda.gov).

Action Required.  States will continue to have the following options:

1. Adopting the National CPPE or
2. Editing the National CPPE

Either the National or State-specific CPPE must be posted to the FOTG. States electing to edit the National CPPE must pay attention to updated practice names, codes, or the addition and deletion of conservation practices. States can upload their customized spreadsheet into the CPPE, or they can paste a URL in their Section V pointing to the national list.

Distribution.  This national bulletin is available on the NRCS Electronic Directives System website at http://policy.nrcs.usda.gov.

Filing Instructions.  Due to printing and distribution costs, the availability of this information is limited to electronic format (with limited paper distribution).


Contact.  If you have any questions, please contact Lakeitha Ruffin, West National Technology Support Center’s Agricultural Economist, by email at lakeitha.ruffin@usda.gov.



Noller Herbert
Deputy Chief for Science and Technology


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