NB_390_22_2 - NB 390-22-2 PDM – Watershed Rehabilitation (REHAB) Program Funding Announcement and Guidance
NB 390-22-2 PDM – Watershed Rehabilitation (REHAB) Program Funding Announcement and Guidance
National Bulletin: 390-22-2    Date: December 30, 2021  
Subject: PDM – Watershed Rehabilitation (REHAB) Program Funding Announcement and Guidance 

Purpose.   To announce that States can request technical and financial assistance for projects eligible for the REHAB Program and to provide instructions for requesting funds.   
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022   
Explanation.   In the last few years several projects have been funded for planning. These projects need to move to the implementation phase (design and construction) as quickly as possible. Until further notice, funding priority will be as follows:

(1) projects ready for construction,

(2) projects ready for design, and

(3) new plans.

Funding for new plans will be prioritized taking into account the following factors:

  • new sponsor,

  • risk index,

  • racial justice and program equity,

  • ability for States to complete existing projects on time, and

  • meeting the objectives of the Agency’s Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act Implementation Plan.

Funds will be set aside for preparing dam assessments for high hazard dams.

Action. To be considered for funding, States must submit a request using the “New Funding Request – Watershed Rehab” feature located on the Watershed Rehabilitation Database.

All fields in the “New Funding Request – Watershed Rehab” file must be completed and concurred by the State Conservationist prior to submittal. The following documents are required to support the funding request:

  1. Documentation supporting the technical assistance funds requested for the following:
    1. NRCS in-house staff (include tasks, hours, discipline, hourly rate)

    2. independent government estimate for Architectural & Engineering services

  2. Letter from sponsor(s) documenting their understanding and commitment to the project. See 390-NWPM, Part 505, Subpart A, Section 505.32 B (xi)

  3. Signed SF-424 from the sponsor for planning implementation and or sponsor letter of request for a dam assessment

  4. plan of work

  5. State Conservationist Certification that the request represents the needs for the State and watershed project sponsors

  6. “Evaluation of Potential Rehab Projects Jan 2021” - Planning Phase Only

  7. “PAR Computation Worksheet 2013-07-05” - Planning Phase Only

  8. Gantt chart or excel spreadsheet showing timeline to complete milestones activities and deliverables for each project phase requested for funding

Items 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 can be accessed from the Implementation folder on the Watershed Rehabilitation SharePoint site. The documents must be completed and be uploaded to the State’s Rehab SharePoint folder “FY 2022 Funds Request” for the project to be considered for funding. The State’s Rehab SharePoint folder can be accessed from the State Folders on the Watershed Rehabilitation SharePoint site.

Contact.   For questions or comments on requesting funds, contact Jesse Wilson, National Watershed Rehabilitation Program Manager at (202) 821-8562 or (jesse.wilson@usda.gov).     


Acting Deputy Chief for Programs   

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