NB_440_22_7 - NB 440-22-7 PGM - Notification of Revised Forms and Location
NB 440-22-7 PGM - Notification of Revised Forms and Location
National Bulletin: 440-22-7 Date: December 22, 2021  
Subject: PGM - Notification of Revised Forms and Location 

Purpose.   To provide State Conservationists and Directors of the Pacific Islands and Caribbean Areas notification that NRCS has recently updated certain forms and to remind States to use eForms to obtain blank copies of forms when needed.   
Expiration Date.   December 31, 2022   
Explanation.   NRCS recently updated several agency forms. States will use eForms, consistent with 120-403-GM, section 403.18, “eForms,” to obtain blank copies of available forms when the applicable business tool software system cannot be used to automatically complete the form. States should not obtain forms from the ProTracts “Forms” menu, as these forms may no longer be current.

Note: Forms automatically generated through approved business tool software systems may differ from the version in eForms. These discrepancies are acceptable and are not inconsistent with program policy.


NRCS recently updated the following forms:

  • NRCS-CPA-152, “Conservation Program Contract Transfer Agreement” with instructions page (NRCS-CPA-152B)
    • NRCS revised this form to collect the historically underserved designation for each individual or entity that will assume the contract. This assists NRCS with verifying and documenting that all applicants meet eligibility requirements prior to transferring the contract to new program participants.
  • NRCS-CPA-1245, “Practice Approval and Payment Application” with instructions page (NRCS- CPA-1245B)
    • NRCS revised this form to collect additional information related to payment caps and payment reductions, and to improve flow and allow for more entries on the form.
  • NRCS-CPA-1200, “Conservation Program Application” – Refer to NB 300-22-8
Contact.   Direct questions about this national bulletin through the appropriate State contact, using the FAPD SharePoint site, or, if related to easement programs, to EasementSupport@usda.gov.     


Deputy Chief of Programs   

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