NB_190_22_4 - NB 190-22-4 ECS - NRCS Biologist Award Nominations
NB 190-22-4 ECS - NRCS Biologist Award Nominations
National Bulletin: 190-22-4 Date: December 17, 2021  
Subject: ECS - NRCS Biologist Award Nominations

Action Required By:   February 25, 2022   
Purpose. Solicit nominations for the 2022 NRCS Biologist awards  
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022   
Background.   Each year that NRCS holds a gathering of NRCS biologists, an award is presented to at least one NRCS fish or wildlife biologist or ecologist to honor special achievements in the biology discipline field. Ongoing travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic again prevented NRCS biologists from meeting in fiscal year 2021. However, the NRCS National Biologists Workshop has been submitted for approval to be held in fiscal year 2022. Recipients of an NRCS Biologist Award will be announced at the Workshop if possible, otherwise via national bulletin.        
Explanation.   NRCS wishes to recognize NRCS biologists and ecologists who have demonstrated impressive achievements in fish and wildlife habitat conservation and restoration. Guidelines and information on how to prepare and submit nominations for these awards are attached as is the nomination form.

Please note that nominations for the awards must be submitted to Karen Fullen, West Region Environmental Compliance Specialist, via e-mail at karen.fullen@usda.gov no later than Friday, February 25, 2022.
Contact.   For further information, please contact Danielle Flynn, National Biologist, at 202-690-0856 or Danielle.Flynn@usda.gov.     


 Acting, Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

Attachment A - Guidelines for Submitting Nominations for NRCS Biologist Award 2022
Attachment B - NRCS Biologist Award Nomination Form
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