M_440_531. - Part 531 - Regional Conservation Partnership Program
Part 531 - Regional Conservation Partnership Program

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Table of Contents

Subpart A - General Information

531.0 General
531.1 Authority
531.2 Program Purpose and Availability
531.3 Definitions
531.4 Responsibilities
531.5 Delegation of Authority
531.6 Policy Waivers
531.7 Information, Outreach, and Training
531.8 Access to Data

Subpart B – Program Funding Announcements, Proposal Solicitation, Evaluation and Selection

531.10 General
531.11 Program Funding Announcements
531.12 Proposal Ranking, Evaluation, and Selection

Subpart C - Proposal and Programmatic Partnership Agreements

531.20 General
531.21 Partner Project Proposal
531.22 Eligibility
531.23 Programmatic Partnership Agreement Development
531.24 Execution of PPAs

Subpart D - Programmatic Partnership Agreement Management

531.30 General
531.31 Agreement Amendments
531.32 Cancelation and Termination of Agreements

Subpart E – Supplemental Agreements

531.40 General
531.41 SA Deliverables: Fund and Activity Types
531.42 SA Negotiation, Development, and Management
531.43 SA for Alternative Funding Arrangements (Type I or Type III)
531.44 SA for Watershed/Public Works (Type II-III)
531.45 SA for RCPP Entity-Held Easements (Type IV)

Subpart F – Program Contracts

531.50 General
531.51 Types of RCPP Activities in Program Contracts
531.52 Application Ranking, Evaluation, and Selection
531.53 Program Contract Development and Requirements
531.54 Modification and Transfers
531.55 Violations and Remedies

Subpart G – General Program Administration

531.60 General
531.61 Compliance with Regulatory Measures
531.62 Misrepresentation and Scheme or Device
531.63 Liquidated Damages
531.64 Appeals
531.65 Equitable Relief
531.66 Offsets and Assignments
531.67 Access to Agricultural Operation or Tract
531.68 Environmental Credits for Conservation Improvements

Subpart H - Third-Party Contracts

531.70 General
531.71 NRCS-Led Third-Party Contracts
531.72 Partner-Led Third-Party Contracts and Collaborating Partner Contributions

Subpart I – Allocating and Managing Funds

531.80 General
531.81 Funding Allocations and Project Proposal Ranking Pools
531.82 Partner Contributions
531.83 Project RCPP Funding Budgets and Budget Management
531.84 RCPP Classic FA Activity Sign-Up Management
531.85 Contract Types
531.86 Limitation on Administrative Expenses

Subpart J – Payments

531.90 General
531.91 Payment Types
531.92 Contract and Supplemental Agreement Limits
531.93 Payment Eligibility
531.94 Processing Payment Applications for Producer Contract Participants
531.95 Processing Payment Applications for Supplemental Agreements

Subpart K - Entity-Held Easements Overview, Eligibility, Application, Selection, and Agreements

          531.100 Overview of RCPP Entity-Held Easements
          531.101 Application and Eligibility Overview
          531.102 RCPP Entity Eligibility
          531.103 Land Eligibility for an RCPP Entity-Held Easement
          531.104 Payment Eligibility Applied to Landowners as Beneficiaries
          531.105 Application, Ranking, and Selection Process and Requirements
          531.106 RCPP Cost-Share Assistance for Entity-Held Easements
          531.107 RCPP Program Agreements and RCPP Parcel Contracts

Subpart L - Entity-Held Easements - Valuation, Deed Review, Title Clearance, Closing, and Post Closing Procedures

          531.110 General
          531.111 Valuation
          531.112 RCPP Entity-Held Easement Deed Requirements
          531.113 RCPP Entity-Held Easement Deed Review
          531.114 Environmental Due Dilligence and Title Requirements
          531.115 RCPP Easement Plan
          531.116 RCPP Entity-Held Easement Financial Management, Closing, and Payment Procedures
          531.117 Easement Management, Enforcement, and Administration Actions

Subpart M – Reserved

Subpart N – Reserved

Subpart O – Reserved

Subpart P – Reserved

Subpart Q – Reserved

Subpart R – Reserved

Subpart S – Reserved

Subpart T – Reserved

Subpart U - Exhibits

531.200 Exhibit Uses
531.201 Letter Templates
      531.201A - Sample Collaborating Partner Letter of Commitment
      531.201C - Sample Programmatic Partnership Agreement Noncompliance Letter
531.202 Agreement and Contract Templates and Forms
531.203 Checklists and Worksheets
      531.203E - RCPP PPA and SA Delegation of Authority Worksheet
531.204 Charts, References, and Guides
      531.204A - Programmatic Partnership Agreement and Supplemental Agreement Negotiation Process Flowchart
      531.204C - Food Security Act of 1985 as amended
      531.204D - RCPP Regulation 7 CFR Part 1464
      531.204K - Critical Conservation Areas and Resource Concerns
      531.204L - Waiver Requirements and Procedures
      531.204M - RCPP Financial Management for 2018 Farm Bill Projects
531.205 Land Management and Rental-Related Exhibits
531.206 Entity-Held Easement Exhibits
      531.206E - Form NRCS-CPA-1281-Exhibit 4, "RCPP Conservation Values"
      531.206M - Sample Application Deferral Letter
531.207 Watershed/Public Works-Related Exhibits

531.208 US-Held Easement Exhibits

      531.208A - Sample Letter of Tentative Selection for an RCPP US-held Easement



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