NB_300_22_11 - NB 300-22-11 LTP – Processing Coronavirus Agricultural Relief Payments after October 1, 2021
NB 300-22-11 LTP – Processing Coronavirus Agricultural Relief Payments after October 1, 2021
National Bulletin: 300-22-11 Date: November 12, 2021  
Subject: LTP – Processing Coronavirus Agricultural Relief Payments after October 1, 2021

Action Required By:   December 31, 2021  
Purpose.   To provide guidance for processing Coronavirus Agricultural Relief Payments (CARPs) for affected Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) contracts after October 1, 2021. 
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022  
Background.   As per NB 300-21-54 LTP – Guidance on Handling Contracts Impacted by Price Spikes (9/13/2021), NB 300-21-55 LTP – Guidance on Handling GLRI Contracts Impacted by Price Spikes (9/13/2021), and NB 300-21-57 LTP – Guidance on Handling Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 through 2014 Contracts Impacted by Price Spikes (9/24/2021), NRCS is providing CARPs to EQIP participants whose contracts were affected by higher commodity prices for practices completed in calendar year (CY) 2021.      

Explanation.   ProTracts system limitations prevent practices, including CARPs, from being scheduled in ProTracts in October, November, and December of the final calendar year of the contract once the fiscal year rolls over. As such, planners will need to schedule CARP contract items for CY 2022. For contracts that are currently set to expire in CY 2021, States should follow the below guidance for scheduling CARPs.

• Determine which eligible contracts that expire in CY 2021 still need to have one or more CARPs processed.

• Modify each of these contracts to expire in CY 2022, and then schedule the CARP(s) in ProTracts in CY 2022, but on or before the new expiration date.

Note: The new expiration date should be determined based on how quickly the CARP payment(s) can be processed.

• The payment(s) should be processed as soon as possible. Do not obtain participant signatures for these modifications; however, include the following statement in the basis for modification on the NRCS-CPA-1156:

“This additional payment is a 2021 Coronavirus Agricultural Relief Payment (CARP) that NRCS is providing to mitigate the increased cost of contracts affected by commodity price spikes.
Because ProTracts system limitations are preventing this payment from being processed within the current contract period, the contract expiration date recorded in ProTracts is being extended to [insert date]. This is an administrative change to facilitate CARP processing only; therefore, participant signatures are not required. The actual contract expiration date of [insert date] remains in effect. These actions are being applied automatically to all similarly affected contracts.”

As a reminder, CARPs are not authorized for practices completed after December 31, 2021.     

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