NB_190_22_3 - NB 190-22-3 ECS – 2022 American Forage and Grassland Council Annual Conference
NB 190-22-3 ECS – 2022 American Forage and Grassland Council Annual Conference
National Bulletin: 190-22-3 Date: November 8, 2021  
Subject: ECS – 2022 American Forage and Grassland Council Annual Conference

Action Required By:   Friday, November 26, 2021   
Purpose.   To notify NRCS employees that the 2022 American Forage and Grassland Council Annual Conference will now be a hybrid event (in-person and virtual) and to provide a guidance on registration. The in-person conference is scheduled for January 9-12, 2022 in Wichita, KS. The virtual conference will take place January 18-19, 2022. This bulletin supersedes National Bulletin 190-21-20, ECS – 2022 American Forage and Grassland Council Annual Conference.     
Expiration Date.   March 31, 2022  
Background.   The American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC) is the leading professional body in support of environmentally sound, forage-focused agriculture. Their primary objective is to promote the profitable production and sustainable utilization of quality forage and grasslands, and dedication to advancing the use of forage as a prime feed resource. AFGC has 22 affiliate forage and grassland councils with over 2500 members. AFGC brings producers, educators, and industry professionals together to promote and advance forages in agriculture. AFGC is the leading voice to help plan and conduct programs that promote forage and grassland agriculture at the local level.

The 2022 AFGC conference offers important workshops for professionals engaged in natural resource planning and management, with continuing education credits that are important in maintaining professional certification. It also provides valuable opportunities for NRCS employees to network with grazing lands managers, researchers, educators, internal and external agency employees, as well as professionals engaged in the use and conservation of pasture and forage resources.         
Explanation.   The AFGC will host the 2022 conference in Wichita, Kansas, January 9-12, 2022.  The in-person and virtual conference program will heighten the awareness and help hone the skills of participants in pasture and hayland conservation planning and application.  There will be several workshops, including the following subject material:
  • Ecosystem Services:  New business opportunities for grassland managers

  • Winter Feeding:  Hay and supplementation

  • Regenerative Grazing Management

  • Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration in Forage and Grazing Lands

  • Grazing Cover Crops and Crop Residues

  • Pasture Management (NRCS led workshop)

Additional conference information is available at:  http://www.afgc.org.  

If travel limitations are applied, employees participating in one or more of the following activities will receive priority for in-person attendance:

  • Presenting a paper, poster, or making a presentation.

  • Conducting training.

  • Maintaining credits for professional development or continuing education credits.

  • An active member of a technical committee meeting at the annual meeting.

States and regional centers should complete “AFGC 2022 Attendee Detailed Cost Analysis Spreadsheet” (Attachment A). 

  • Employees requesting to attend in-person will need to complete the spreadsheet with estimated travel expenses and an estimated registration fee of $365/members and $420/non-members.

  • For those requesting to attend in-person, please add a statement in the notes section of the spreadsheet indicating the attendee’s preference to attend virtually if travel is not approved.

  • Employees requesting to attend virtually will only need to enter the virtual registration fee of $99. 

Return the forms to Julie DePue at julie.depue@usda.gov with “AFGC 2022 Attendance” in the subject line, by close of business on Friday, November 26, 2021.  Please include only attendance responses to this bulletin in the email.  Ecological Sciences Division will initiate the USDA Conference Management System (AgCMS) entry.  Each administrative office will need to prepare travel authorizations and cover related travel and registration costs.

Please note that agency travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic might still be in place and restrict employee attendance.     

Contact.   For further information, please contact the National Grazing Lands Coordinator, Michael Margo, at (817) 509-3308, or email michael.margo@usda.gov.     


J. Xavier Montoya
Acting Deputy Chief for Science and Technology
Attachment A: AFGC 2022 Attendee Detailed Cost Analysis
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