NB_280_22_3 - NB 280-22-3 INC – Meeting with Foreign National Visitors
NB 280-22-3 INC – Meeting with Foreign National Visitors
National Bulletin: 280-22-3 Date: 11-3-21
Subject: INC – Meeting with Foreign National Visitors

Purpose.  To inform NRCS employees of the protocol for meetings with foreign national visitors.
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022
Background.  NRCS is recognized as a world leader in natural resource conservation. NRCS employees strive to share knowledge of natural resources conservation with people from other countries and to collaborate in efforts that will benefit NRCS and our foreign partners. Therefore, the agency receives requests for NRCS specialists to meet with visitors from other countries to learn about NRCS programs and policies.

The International Programs Division (IPD) has overall responsibility to coordinate meetings with non-United States citizens and ensure that foreign national visitors have been properly vetted. DR 4600-004 Foreign Visits and Assignments Vetting establishes the USDA policy for processing and vetting non-United States citizens’ visits and assignments in Federal facilities through the Office of Homeland Security (OHS). Due to COVID-19 many foreign visitor meetings have pivoted from face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings. These foreign national visitors are subject to a review under DR 4600-004.
Explanation.  NRCS receives requests for meetings with foreign national visitors and foreign delegations from State agencies, nongovernmental organizations, universities, and other Federal agencies. NRCS State Offices, National Centers, and NHQ divisions/organizational units are asked to inform IPD of all requests for meetings with foreign national visitors. When the request includes non-United States citizens, IPD will coordinate with OHS and keep the Administrator, Foreign Agricultural Service, fully informed of its international programs and projects, whether such activities take place in the United States or another country.

IPD tracks foreign visitors’ meetings including country, topic of interest, number of foreign visitors in the meeting, and the number of NRCS employees presenting information. The information is used in IPD newsletters and the agency annual report of accomplishments.
Contact.  If further information is needed, please contact Doug Curtis, Management and Program Analyst, at Paul.Curtis@usda.gov.


Doris Washington
Acting Deputy Chief for Management & Strategy
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