NB_280_22_2 - NB 280-22-2 INC – International Assignment Candidates Database
NB 280-22-2 INC – International Assignment Candidates Database
National Bulletin: 280-22-2 Date: 11-2-21
Subject: INC – International Assignment Candidates Database

Purpose.  To inform NRCS employees of the opportunity to register or update their interest in international assignments to the International Programs Division (IPD) candidate database.
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022

Background.  The NRCS IPD is responsible for identifying and nominating candidates for possible international assignments. IPD maintains a database of NRCS employees who have requested to be considered for these assignments and who have provided the necessary information for entry into the database.

NRCS employees are encouraged to register if they wish to be considered for possible international assignments. Registration is strictly voluntary and is simply an indication of personal interest. It does not guarantee being offered an international assignment because these assignments are relatively few and very competitive. If contacted for an assignment, participation will require the concurrence of the employee’s supervisory chain (State Conservationist, Center Director, or Division Director).

Explanation.  Periodically, NRCS receives requests from other U.S. Government agencies or other partners to identify NRCS employees for consideration to provide short- or long-term technical assistance at various locations overseas, in Washington, DC, or online. These requests may be to provide training or technical assistance, use of expertise in agriculture or natural resources management, or may be in response to natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, among others). There are also opportunities such as the Embassy Science Fellowship Program, which has a separate competitive application process. To be able to respond quickly to requests, IPD maintains a database to identify employees with the qualifications to be considered for these assignments. Employees already in the database do not need to re-register. However, information should be updated if an employee has had a grade increase, additional domestic/international experience, a significant change in duties and responsibilities, or acquired expertise in knowledge and skill sets in other areas such as climate change, carbon sequestration, air quality, etc. since originally registering.

Employees interested in international assignments can download the Excel spreadsheet database registration form at

Save the file as “[your last-name first-name middle initial (example Bennett Hugh H)]”. Complete the form and email it to Paul.Curtis@usda.gov for entry into the IPD database.

Additional information on IPD, recent newsletters, and the various opportunities for international assignments, as well as the types of assignments and procedures are available on the IPD Web site.
Contact.  For more information, please contact Doug Curtis, Management and Program Analyst, at Paul.Curtis@usda.gov


Doris Washington
Acting Deputy Chief Management & Strategy
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