NB_300_22_3 - NB 300-22-3 LTP – Conservation Innovation Grants Fiscal Year 2021 State Component Reporting
NB 300-22-3 LTP – Conservation Innovation Grants Fiscal Year 2021 State Component Reporting
National Bulletin: 300-22-3 Date: October 7, 2021
Subject: LTP – Conservation Innovation Grants Fiscal Year 2021 State Component Reporting

Action Required By:  November 26, 2021
Purpose.  To request fiscal year (FY) 2021 State component Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) award details, FY 2004 to FY 2020 State component CIG project updates, and information on State CIG matching funds verification audits.
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022
Background.  Since CIG’s inception in 2004, NRCS State offices have had the option of administering their own State CIG competitions. The National CIG Program office is continuously working to improve its ability to capture and disseminate State CIG Program results to outside stakeholders. Regular collection of key State project information allows CIG staff to better highlight the program’s value and impact to NRCS and USDA leaders, agency stakeholders, and the public.

Explanation.  States are asked to enter new, updated, and previously unreported or unavailable project information in the “State CIG Database” SharePoint list for all years of the program—from FY 2004 to 2021. This task includes adding any available updates for ongoing and recently completed projects, as well as entering new projects awarded in FY 2021. Awards that were announced or committed in FY 2021 should be included even if the agreements have not yet been finalized. Beginning this year, all CIG components (National, State, and On-Farm Trials) are required to report on investments made (FY 21 and beyond only) to promote Climate Smart Agricultural practices, climate mitigation and adaptation efforts, and/or greenhouse gas reduction; see elements “F” and “L” below.

Instructions. All State CIG project data should be added to the “State CIG Database” SharePoint list located at https://usdagcc.sharepoint.com/sites/nrcs_st/cig/statecomp/Lists/State%20CIG%20Database/AllItems.aspx

• Note that use of the Excel spreadsheets the formerly captured State CIG reporting has been discontinued; these spreadsheets have been retained for reference only. Please enter all new and updated project information using the SharePoint list. Detailed instructions for navigating the State CIG project SharePoint list can be found in Attachment A.
• Each state has its own, unique list view containing only projects in that state.
• Please do a quick check to verify the accuracy of all previously-reported information.
• Enter elements “A” through “L” for new, previously un-reported, or projects whose details have changed.
• Review and enter information for elements “M” and “N” for completed projects.
• Review and enter elements “O” through “S” for active projects as information is known.
• Enter information in element “T” only as needed to explain other elements of your entry.

A. Organization/Entity Name: The full name of the awardee organization. If the name exceeds 255 characters, please use an abbreviated name and enter the full name in item “T.” If there is a year that your state did not award a CIG, please enter “NA” in this field, enter the year in “Fiscal Year CIG Project Approved,” and leave all other fields blank.
B. CIG Project Title: The full project title for the awarded project.
C. State/Territory: Select your state or territory from the drop-down menu.
D. Fiscal Year CIG Project Approved: The competition year, regardless of the project start date.
E. Agreement Number: If known, the FAIN agreement number.
F. Brief Project Description: A short, descriptive synopsis of the project; include, if applicable, a description of how this project incorporates Climate Smart Agricultural practices, climate mitigation and adaptation efforts, and/or greenhouse gas reduction efforts.
G. Funds Approved: Award amount, entered as a whole dollar number.
H. Start Date of Project: The start date listed on the Notification of Award.
I. End Date: The expiration date of the project. Update this date if the project is extended.
J. Length of Agreement: The duration of the agreement (original or extended), entered as a numeral (e.g. “2.5” for a 2 ½ year project.)
K. Resource Concerns: The natural resource concern(s) most closely aligned with the project.
L. Climate Smart Ag: Select “yes” if this project supports Climate Smart Ag approaches as described above in item “F.”
M. Project Results: A short, descriptive synopsis of deliverables and outcomes from the project, if the project has ended.
N. Lasting Impact: A short, descriptive synopsis of potential benefits to conservation and/or NRCS, including potential for technology transfer.
O. Link(s) to Project Press: Include a hyperlink, if applicable.
P. Link to Project Website: Include a hyperlink, if applicable.
Q. Selected for Matching Funds Audit: Select “Yes” if selected for audit in any year.
R. Year Audited: Year matching funds audit conducted.
S. Matching Funds Audit Completed? Select “Yes- Successful”, “Yes-Unsuccessful”, or “No” from the dropdown menu to report on whether the matching funds audit was completed.
T. Other Comments/Notes: If further explanation is needed of any of the items above, you may enter a note here.

The purpose of this exercise is to consolidate State project information for national-level reporting; any additional project-specific records should be maintained by your state office.

Project data and updates on audited projects must be updated no later than November 26, 2021.

Contact.  If you have any questions or need access to the State CIG SharePoint site, please contact Havala Schumacher, Projects Branch team member, at havala.schumacher@usda.gov or (202) 878-2697.


Deputy Chief for Programs
Attachment A: Navigating the State CIG Database
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