NB_420_21_1 - NB 420-21-1 SSC – Cultural Resources Reporting Database
NB 420-21-1 SSC – Cultural Resources Reporting Database
National Bulletin: 420-21-1   Date: September 23, 2021  
Subject: SSC – Cultural Resources Reporting Database

Action Required By:   Friday, December 31, 2021   
Purpose.   To inform States about a new cultural resource reporting database for annual reporting requirements.   
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022   

Background.   In accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and related statutes and regulations, NRCS is responsible for identifying and evaluating cultural resources and protecting historic properties affected by NRCS undertakings. NRCS is responsible for historic preservation and cultural resources compliance in all actions where NRCS is considered the lead agency. The State Conservationist (STC) or Director (Caribbean and Pacific Islands Areas) is the senior Federal Official responsible for cultural resources and historic preservation compliance in all NRCS activities. In accordance with the National Prototype Programmatic Agreement (PPA) and subsequent State-based PPAs, the STC shall provide all consulting parties and the agency Federal Preservation Officer (FPO) an annual summary report detailing work undertaken for compliance activities. The FPO is responsible for consolidating the State reports into an annual agency report for submittal to the Advisory Council on Historic Properties.

State Conservationists have historically provided annual report requirements to the FPO through the Performance Results System (PRS). Currently, PRS is scheduled for deprecation in late 2021. The “Cultural Resources Reporting Database” was developed as an interim to replace PRS to collect the required data. State Conservationists are asked to submit annual reporting requirements to the FPO by following the instructions contained in this bulletin. Cultural resources data should be reported by December 31, 2021.     


Explanation.   The Cultural Resources Reporting Database serves to quantify the agency’s commitment to complying with the National Historic Preservation Act, Executive Order 13175, and policy, to include consultation with Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHO). In addition, the Cultural Resources Reporting Database collects the metrics pertinent to the drafting annual reports that are stipulated in both State-based PPAs and the national PPA Template.

Information collected includes the number of contracts reviewed, number of Tribal/NHO consultations, size of the project area, number of field investigations, sites identified, and resulting mitigation efforts. Unlike previous reporting mechanisms, each entry represents a single contract and the Section 106 process it underwent.


Code of Federal Regulations
• 54 U.S.C. Section 306108 of the NHPA, Public Law 89–665 (1966) (codified as amended at 54 U.S.C. Sec. 300101 et seq.)

NRCS Policy and Regulations
• Title 420, Cultural Resources General Manual Part 401
• Title 190, National Cultural Resources Procedures Handbook Part 601
• National Prototype Programmatic Agreement, 2014

General Instructions. States can access the Cultural Resources Reporting Database by clicking on the following link: Cultural Resources Reporting Database. Detailed instructions are also included in the file. States will enter data as directed below:

1. The spreadsheet is separated according to region and by State. States without a PPA are located on a separate tab.
2. Data is to be entered by the end of the calendar year (December 31).
3. Enter the number of contracts, not individual practice(s).
4. The acreage reported is for the entire contract.
5. Reviews conducted/approved administratively per the State PPA are to be reported per contract.
6. States and Territories without a PPA have a different reporting requirement in columns c & d, as noted in the database instruction.
7. Tribal/NHO consultation is to be reported in accordance with the state’s protocols.

Distribution. This directive is available on the NRCS Electronic Directives System Web site at http://policy.nrcs.usda.gov, while the spreadsheet for reporting is accessible through the Cultural Resources Teams site via this path or link: FPAC-NRCS_Cultural Resources/General/CR Reporting Database 2021/Database for reporting/CR Reporting Database.

Filing Instructions. Due to printing and distribution costs, the availability of this information is limited to electronic format.    

Contact.   If you have questions about this guidance, please contact Chuck Carrig, Acting Federal Preservation Officer, at 501-210-8917 or via email at chuck.carrig@usda.gov.     


J. Xavier Montoya
Acting Deputy Chief
Science and Technology
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