NB_250_21_13 - NB 250-21-13 FNM – Waste to Worth Biannual International Conference
NB 250-21-13 FNM – Waste to Worth Biannual International Conference
National Bulletin: NB 250-21-13 Date: September 22, 2021
Subject: FNM – Waste to Worth Biannual International Conference

Action Required By:  December 3, 2021


Purpose.  To announce the Waste to Worth (W2W) Biannual International Conference.


Expiration Date.  April 30, 2022


Background.  The W2W Biannual International Conference is an international forum for maintaining and exploring new science and technology applicable to the NRCS mission. The upcoming conference will be held from April 18-22, 2022, in Oregon, Ohio. Details for the conference, including hotel and registration information, can be found at https://lpelc.org/waste-to-worth/waste-to-worth-2022/.

With the emphasis in the current Farm Bill on scientific integrity (Departmental Regulation 1074-001), soil health, energy, air quality, water quality, climate change, organic farming, pollinators, pesticide management, and nutrient management, it is essential that our employees stay abreast of emerging technologies in these areas to better serve our customers. W2W provides an important forum for NRCS engineers, agronomists, and others to interact with the developers of the science and technology used for conservation treatments on American agricultural working lands to address both emerging and current resource problems. W2W focuses on scientific solutions for environmental management issues for livestock and poultry operations and how animal manure can be utilized as a resource. Professional development of our employees is a cornerstone of our workforce strategy and attending W2W is a key action to implement this strategy.


Explanation.  Priority to attend W2W will be given to employees engaging in one or more of the following activities:

  • Presenting a paper or poster, or making a presentation
  • Conducting training
  • Maintaining credits for professional development units or continuing education credits

Certain travel restrictions are in place and meeting these criteria does not guarantee travel approval. Employees will be expected to follow any agency travel restrictions that may be in place at the time of the conference. There is no online option currently available for this conference. Attendees should monitor the conference website for any updates.

Employees may use the conference for continuing education requirements to maintain a license or certification, but it must be documented in their individual development plan (IDP) in AgLearn. Each administrative office must prepare travel authorizations and cover related travel costs for their employees attending this conference.

NRCS must submit a single request in CTAT to obtain the necessary approvals for this meeting. Information on all attendees will be collected regardless of their location. To obtain conference attendance approvals for NRCS employees interested in attending this conference, State conservationists, national center directors, directors of the Pacific Islands and Caribbean Areas, regional conservationists, and NHQ division directors must submit the following information:

  • W2W Conference Calculation Worksheet (Attachment A). This worksheet provides the information necessary to obtain conference attendance approvals. Complete the requested information as accurately as possible for each employee interested in attending W2W.

  • Form NRCS-FNM-72 “Meeting Attendance Approval” (Attachment B). Summarize the information for all employees in the State, center, or other administrative unit interested in attending W2W. Return only one form per State, center, or other administrative unit.

Return the worksheet and the FNM-72 with “W2W 2021” in the subject line by December 3, 2021, to Renée Leech, Acting National Animal Manure and Nutrient Management Team Leader, East National Technology Support Center (ENTSC), Greensboro, NC, by e-mail to renee.leech@usda.gov, with a copy to the national environmental engineer by e-mail to bill.reck@usda.gov.

Note: The information required to obtain conference attendance approval is extensive. Please estimate costs as closely as possible in order to maximize the number of attendees NRCS can send.


Contact.  For general information about the conference, please contact Bill Reck, National Environmental Engineer, Conservation Engineering Division, at (202) 720-4485.



Acting Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

Attachment A -- W2W Registration and Travel Calculations Worksheet
Attachment B -- Form NRCS-FNM-72 “Meeting Attendance Approval”

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