NB_230_21_4 - NB 230-21-4 EOP - Solicitation of Applications for 3-Year Terms on the National Civil Rights Advisory Committee to the Chief (NCRACC)
NB 230-21-4 EOP - Solicitation of Applications for 3-Year Terms on the National Civil Rights Advisory Committee to the Chief (NCRACC)
National Bulletin: 230-21-4  Date: August 18, 2021
Subject: EOP - Solicitation of Applications for 3-Year Terms on the National Civil Rights Advisory Committee to the Chief (NCRACC)

Action Required By:   September 10, 2021   
Purpose.   To solicit applications for 3-year terms to fill vacancies on the NCRACC.    
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2021  
Background.  NCRACC serves as an advisory body to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief. NCRACC is responsible for providing advice to national leaders that will support efforts to ensure civil rights compliance in the delivery of NRCS program services and employment opportunities. This advice is characterized by NCRACC annual assessment of NRCS capacity to achieve civil rights policy expectations and the propensity for sustained improvement. NCRACC is expected to brief the Chief and national leaders, identify challenges, submit recommendations for improvement and recognition of outstanding performance by employees in civil rights compliance.

NCRACC membership will consist of a male and female representative from each of the following groups: Black, Hispanic, White, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Persons with Disabilities, Veteran; and two persons representing the LGBTQ group.

NCRACC members are full-time NRCS employees and represent to the extent possible the various occupations, grade levels, race, sex, national origin, disability status, and geographic locations of the Agency, and have experience working on and representing issues in diverse communities for the NCRACC position they hold. NCRACC Special Emphasis Program Managers are not required to be members of the group they represent.    

Explanation.   NCRACC is soliciting applications to fill the following vacancies for 3-year terms, effective in fiscal year (FY) 2022:

• Co-Chair
• Disability Representative – Male
• Disability Representative – Female
• Hispanic Representative – Female
• LGBTQ Representative

NCRACC’s mission is to provide counsel and recommendations to the Chief on civil rights issues and concerns of employees and clients. The committee’s vision is to be recognized as a guiding force that strives for excellence in civil rights for all customers and employees of NRCS. When responding to this vacancy announcement, consider NCRACC’s mission and vision. Committee members should be self-motivated individuals willing to volunteer and complete actions identified in the NCRACC business plan. The business plan and bylaws may be viewed on the NRCS NCRACC website. For more information, refer to Title 230, General Manual, Part 404, Civil Rights Advisory Committee.

NCRACC holds regular quarterly meetings with consideration given to the opportunity for two face-to-face meetings per year. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the committee member’s home state. The Committee may also meet virtually for special meetings called by the Committee Co-Chairs. In addition, members meet virtually with their respective subcommittees as needed. Line officers must concur in the application and agree to support the employee by granting up to 20 percent of their time for NCRACC work activities and travel.

Attachment A – “NCRACC Membership General Information” contains more information on NCRACC membership, roles, responsibilities, and meetings.

Attachment B – “FY 2022 NCRACC Membership Application.” Complete the NCRACC Membership Application and include the statement of concurrence signed by your immediate supervisor, line officer, and a written statement of concurrence by the applicant’s state conservationist, regional conservationist, deputy chief or director. The state conservationist’s statement must also include their agreement to fund travel as necessary. 

Contact.   Submit inquiries, completed FY 2022 NCRACC membership application (Attachment B), and reasonable accommodation requests for assistance by close of business on Sept 10, 2021 to both ann.cotton@usda.gov  and carolyn.miller@usda.gov.     



Attachment A – NCRACC General Information

Attachment B – FY 2022 NCRACC Membership Application

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