NB_440_21_25 - NB 440-21-25 PGM - Quarterly Review and Certification of ProTracts and Fund Manager
NB 440-21-25 PGM - Quarterly Review and Certification of ProTracts and Fund Manager
National Bulletin: 440-21-25 Date: July 8, 2021
Subject: PGM - Quarterly Review and Certification of ProTracts and Fund Manager

Action Required By:  December 22, 2021, March 21, 2022, June 20, 2022, September 19, 2022
Purpose.  To communicate deadlines for the quarterly review and certification of ProTracts and Fund Manager roles.         
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2022
Background.  NRCS must complete an annual review of each NRCS employee and affiliate user who has access to ProTracts and Fund Manager. The State Conservationist must certify that the roles are appropriately assigned to active employees.    
Explanation.  Each employee with a ProTracts or Fund Manager role must have their roles formally reviewed on a quarterly basis by the applicable State Conservationist or Deputy Chief delegated role granter in zRoles. These are two separate reviews—one for ProTracts and another for Fund Manager roles. The quarterly review will result in either a confirmation that the role is appropriate as assigned, the role is reviewed and edited to reflect the current duty assignments, or the employee role is deactivated. These reviews are audited by the Department and KPMG annually. All documentation involved in the reviews or for providing users access to the system must be securely maintained.

User entitlements should be updated on an as-needed basis throughout the year whenever an employee with access to ProTracts or Fund Manager has an employment change that impacts software access roles or entitlements. Access changes in zRoles must be made within 48 hours when users are separated from the agency. Any personnel action resulting in the user being assigned a new duty station (interstate or intrastate changes) or when a software access usage role and permission change occurs will necessitate an individual review to validate or edit roles or scope.

An automated process was implemented for the review in 2010 using the zRoles access control and enrollment process for each year thereafter. Training materials remain available on the ProTracts home page under reference materials, ProTracts and programs training materials. States should only create one role review snapshot during the quarterly review period (a total of 4 snapshots for the year) and must complete any snapshot that is initiated (attachment A). Snapshots should not be initiated outside of the quarter being reviewed and should be completed by the quarter deadline. The State Conservationist or their delegated official should certify the review once locked by the State reviewer (attachment B).

The quarterly deadlines for State Conservationist and Deputy Chief certification of both ProTracts and Fund Manager user roles are as follows:
• December 22, 2021
• March 21, 2022
• June 20, 2022
• September 19, 2022
Contact.  Questions should be directed to Margaret Rhodes, Director, Financial Assistance Programs Division, by email at Maggie.rhodes@usda.gov.


Deputy Chief for Programs



Attachment A – Quarterly Certification of Users

Attachment B – STC Quarterly Certify User Review

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