UG_210_21_10 - UG 210-21-10 ENG – Availability of Seismic Analysis of Risers Software (SARisers)
UG 210-21-10 ENG – Availability of Seismic Analysis of Risers Software (SARisers)
User Guide: 210-21-10 Date: June 7, 2021
Subject: ENG – Availability of Seismic Analysis of Risers Software (SARisers)

Purpose.   This user guide announces the availability of Seismic Analysis of Risers Software (SARisers).
Effective Date.   Effective upon receipt.
Background.   SARisers is a computer program based on the criteria and procedures of Technical Release (TR)-68 for the analysis of drop inlet spillway risers subjected to earthquake motion. Appendix D to TR-68 describes the computer program that performs seismic analysis of a drop inlet spillway riser with standard covered top (TR-30) or standard baffle inlet top (TR-70). The program was originally written in GW-BASIC and compiled with QuickBASIC to run using a Disk Operating System (DOS). SARisers now can be run using VDos. Later revisions were made to the program in 1993.

Please note that structural design experience is needed to use the software correctly and safely. Before using this program, the user should become familiar with TR-68, TR-68 Amendment 1, and TR-68 Amendment 2.

Attachment A, SARisers Variable Input Guidance, provides additional information (as noted in National Engineering Manual (NEM), Part 536, “Structural Engineering”) regarding how to input values in the software to correspond with current American Society of Civil Engineer’s Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE 7) seismic parameters.
Special Instructions.   Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) users may obtain SARisers by contacting the National Design, Construction, and Soil Mechanics Center (NDCSMC) point of contact shown below. VDos can be obtained from the NRCS Software Center and self-installed by the user.

Distribution.  This user guide will be distributed through the eDirectives System.

Filing Instructions.  There are no formal requirements. Users retaining a hard copy of the program documentation should file the hard copy with other design criteria pertaining to drop inlet spillway risers.
Contact.   Users may direct questions or comments regarding the software to the appropriate State-level staff engineer or to John Van Leeuwen, Structural Engineer, NDCSMC, Fort Worth, TX, at (817) 509-3758, or by email to


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Attachment A - SARisers Seismic Variable Input Guidance
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