UG_210_21_7. - UG 210-21-7 ENG – WinDAM-C, Version 1.1.10 Computer Program and Documentation
UG 210-21-7 ENG – WinDAM-C, Version 1.1.10 Computer Program and Documentation
User Guide: 210-21-7 Date: May 28, 2021 
Subject: ENG – WinDAM-C, Version 1.1.10 Computer Program and Documentation

Purpose.   To announce the availability of the Windows Dams Analysis Modules C (WinDAM-C), version 1.1.10 computer program and explain how to obtain the software and program documentation.  
Effective Date.   Effective upon receipt.   
Background.   WinDAM-C is a modular software application developed under a joint effort among USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Kansas State University, and Agriculture Research Service (ARS) for analyzing erosion of earthen embankments.  WinDAM-C estimates erosion from flow overtopping the embankment and from internal erosion flow through the embankment.  For a complete erosion estimate including the auxiliary spillway and earthen embankment, the geotechnical composition of these two features of the dam must be characterized.  Typical input parameters include percent clay fraction, plasticity index, total unit weight, undrained shear strength, and critical shear stress.


This version corrects the “save” function related to change in the number of auxiliary spillways, updates Help files with fixes to two broken hyperlinks, and adds new material properties plot in addition to the auxiliary spillway erosion plot to view material without erosion.  This version contains no computational changes.

Special Instructions.  The WinDAM-C, version 1.1.10 “Help-About” documentation shows version “1.1.11”.

Distribution.  NRCS tested and CCE (Common Computing Environment) certified WinDAM-C on January 15, 2021, for deployment to NRCS Information Technology Services (ITS) supported workstations running Windows 10.  The project reference number is RFC CRQ000003845610.

NRCS users are to obtain the WinDAM-C through NRCS Software Center or contact their ITS managers, who can download and install the program.

This directive cancels, deletes, and replaces the previous notification, “User Guide 210-21-6:  ENG – WinDAM-C, Computer Program and Documentation,” dated May 10, 2021.

Filing Instructions.  Users wishing to retain paper copies of any of the WinDAM-C documentation should place it in a three-ring binder adjacent to other technical directives.   


Contact.   Direct questions or comments regarding the software or user documentation to the appropriate State-level staff engineer or to Karl Visser, Hydraulic Engineer, National Design, Construction and Soil Mechanics Center, Fort Worth, TX, at or (817) 509-3763.

Contact Atiq Syed, National Civil Engineer, Conservation Engineering Division, at or (202) 870-9105 with questions regarding this directive.



Deputy Chief for Science and Technology   

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