NB_450_21_4 - NB 450-21-4 TCH – DigiTop and Document Delivery Services
NB 450-21-4 TCH – DigiTop and Document Delivery Services
National Bulletin: 450-21-4 Date: May 18, 2021
Subject: TCH – DigiTop and Document Delivery Services

Purpose.  To inform NRCS employees about access to the National Agricultural Library (NAL) DigiTop and Document Delivery Services.
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2021
Background.  DigiTop and Document Delivery Services are services of the NAL providing USDA employees with access to electronic resources to effectively and efficiently support their research mission goals and other information needs.    

Explanation.  NRCS employees have access to a wealth of digital library materials on natural resources conservation and other subjects.

DigiTop is accessible on the NAL website at https://digitop.nal.usda.gov/.  DigiTop provides around-theclock access to:

• key databases
• journals
• newspapers
• protocols
• ebooks.

Additionally, other resources pertaining to agriculture, forestry, and allied fields, including government, economics, and business are available.  Through DigiTop you have direct access to citations, abstracts, and full-text articles addressing current, cutting-edge research in your field.

No login is required for DigiTop if you are connected to the USDA network. If outside the network (i.e., travel, teleworking, or on a college campus), then a user ID and password are required. You can request proxy access credentials at DigiTopProxy@usda.gov.  Include the following in your request:

• Name
• Agency
• Location
• Official work email
• Official work telephone.

DigiTop is managed and supported by knowledgeable NAL staff that can also assist with access, training, and other information needs. For training or technical support, email the DigiTop Service Desk at digitop@usda.gov.  

Document Delivery Services provides NRCS employees with an option to obtain research and business literature that are not available online. These services may also provide access through NAL’s network of library and professional contacts to many types of materials which are difficult or impossible to purchase commercially such as out of print documents and materials published by non-commercial
and/or non-U.S. organizations.

USDA employees must have an NAL patron ID to use Document Delivery Services. An ID can be requested at https://www.nal.usda.gov/services/document-delivery-request. For training or technical support, email the Document Delivery Service Desk at nal-docdel@ars.usda.gov.

NRCS supports both DigiTop and Document Delivery Services through interagency agreements with NAL.  DigiTop has an annual flat fee and should always be the first choice to access documents when they are online.  Document Delivery Services charges are based on a cost of $25 per request so this service should be used only when information is not available online through DigiTop or other sources. Both
agreements are maintained by the Science and Technology Deputy Area.

The attachment includes a link to a training webinar on conducting literature searches and using NAL services including DigiTop and Document Delivery Services. Technical staff at all levels of NRCS may want to familiarize themselves with the resources and scientific literature available to aid them in their

Contact.  For further information, contact the DigiTop team at DigiTop@usda.gov or Document Delivery Services at nal-docdel@ars.usda.gov     


Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

 Attachment A - Recorded webinar on accessing and obtaining scientific literature from NAL 
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