NB_210_21_9 - NB 210-21-9 ENG – Review of Draft 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 31
NB 210-21-9 ENG – Review of Draft 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 31
National Bulletin: 210-21-9   Date: May 11, 2021 
Subject: ENG – Review of Draft 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 31

Action Required By:   July 9, 2021   
Purpose.   The purpose of this bulletin is to request State (or equivalent) and Center review of draft Title 210, National Engineering Handbook (NEH), Part 631, Chapter 31, “Groundwater Investigations”, dated May 2021.     
Expiration Date.   September 15, 2021   
Background.   Title 210, NEH, Part 631, Chapter 31, is the preferred NRCS reference for groundwater investigations and design of on-farm conservation practices. This version of NEH Part 631, Chapter 31 incorporates several revisions including:


  • Consolidating relevant material from:


    • Part 631:

      • Chapter 30, “Groundwater Hydrology and Geology”

      • Chapter 31, “Groundwater Investigations”

      • Chapter 33, “Groundwater Recharge”


    • groundwater elements from:

      • Part 631, Chapter 32, “Well Design and Spring Development”

      • Part 650, Chapter 12, “Springs and Wells”

      • Part 651, Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook, Chapter 7, “Geologic and Groundwater Considerations” (basic groundwater information)

      • Part 651, Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook, Appendix 10-D (discussion on permeability)


  • New groundwater resources about USGS, NOAA, State Oil and Gas Board/Departments of Natural Resources, State Interactive Water Well Maps, and NRCS groundwater materials.


  • Additional details for aquifer testing and determining groundwater flow direction.



Attached to this national bulletin are:

1. A draft copy of 210-NEH 631, Chapter 31 for review

2. A revision summary of 210-NEH 631, Chapter 31, which includes notes regarding NEH chapter formatting

3. A spreadsheet for compiling State review comments


Explanation.   State Conservation Engineers (or equivalent) and Center staffs are to review the attached Title 210-NEH Part 631, Chapter 31 and submit one set of compiled comments per State (or equivalent) or Center by July 9, 2021. The attached spreadsheet contains further instructions.

Please provide one consolidated submittal per State or Center.  In addition, please send an explanatory note with your comments.  States and Centers are asked to respond if they have no comments as well.

Email comments and responses to Jo Johnson, National Geologist, Conservation Engineering Division, at jo.johnson@usda.gov.

States are urged not to delay starting reviews until right before the due date.

Contact.   Contact that national hydraulic engineer by email at jo.johnson@usda.gov with any questions or concerns about the contents of this bulletin.      


Deputy Chief for Science and Technology


1. Draft of 210-NEH 631, Chapter 31

2. Revision Summary to 210-NEH 631, Chapter 31

3. Spreadsheet for Compiling State Review Comments

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