NB_360_21_6 - NB 360-21-6 PER - Resuming Relocation Travel
NB 360-21-6 PER - Resuming Relocation Travel
National Bulletin: NB 360-21-6    Date:  April 29, 2021  
Subject:  PER - Resuming Relocation Travel  

Purpose.  To announce resumption of relocation travel and the waiver process for exceptions.     
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2022   
Background.   FPAC-N 2300-005, Resuming Mission Critical Domestic and Foreign Employee Relocation Travel for Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) Agencies in Response to Updated 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance, eliminates effective immediately, the need for a waiver to move forward with the relocation process. However, NRCS leadership has provided an exception process for those employees who have safety concerns regarding the lifted COVID-19 restrictions.         
Explanation.  This policy applies to all new permanent change of station (PCS) activities and those that were in a hold status. Transferring FPAC employees should discuss any concerns or challenges with their new supervisor. Specifically, if the employee can successfully complete their assigned duties remotely and are not comfortable or able to transfer because of the pandemic, they can place a written request to their supervisor to keep their relocation on hold until July 2021. At such time, NRCS will evaluate the COVID situation across the Nation.

Note: Relocations to and from U.S. Territories and foreign locations will be dependent on local travel restrictions.

All new relocation transfers that are Government-funded will be assigned a relocation specialist to begin the process unless the supervisor notifies their staffing specialist that the employee will continue to work remotely from their old duty location.

If the employee/supervisor wishes to move forward with relocation, they must contact their assigned Human Resource Division (HRD) staffing specialist. The supervisor informs the staffing specialist of the expected report date.

Note: The Financial Management Division Travel Relocation Team requires 6–8 weeks to transfer the employee. As a result, the report date should be at least 8 weeks in the future.
Contact.   Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to Doris Washington at Doris.Washington@usda.gov.


 Acting Associate Chief


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