NB_430_21_6 - NB 430-21-6 SOI - Soil and Plant Science Division Mentoring Campaign
NB 430-21-6 SOI - Soil and Plant Science Division Mentoring Campaign
National Bulletin: 430-21-6 Date: April 12, 2021
Subject: SOI - Soil and Plant Science Division Mentoring Campaign


Purpose.  To roll-out the Soil and Plant Science Division sign up for mentoring campaign.   


Expiration Date.  June 30, 2021


Background.  In a memo signed by former Under Secretary Bill Northey on September 17, 2020 (click here), the Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC) mission area advocated the full use of the FPAC mentoring program as a means for providing an essential resource to FPAC employees. Departmental Regulation (DR) 4740-001 established the USDA mentoring program.

To support this effort, the FPAC Human Resources Division (HRD) implemented a more robust effort related to mentoring within the FPAC mission area. The FPAC mentoring program was revamped to strengthen the foundation of FPAC by facilitating the transfer of institutional knowledge, enhancing employees’ skills, increasing employee retention, and attracting top talent.


Explanation.  This National Bulletin announces the Soil and Plant Science Divisions (SPSD) collaboration with the FPAC Mentoring Program to increase its participation. For 30 days after the National Bulletin is issued SPSD will be accepting new and updated requests for mentors and protegees through the official USDA Mentoring Portal. To find out more about the new mentoring program please go to the FPAC Mentoring Program SharePoint. Since Pathway students are required to be protegees and since their mentor cannot be their immediate supervisor, we are requesting all Pathway supervisors sign up as mentors. This will ensure we have enough mentors to cross match with pathway protegees. If you are a new supervisor, please sign up in the portal. New supervisors that are protegees can and should still be mentors.


Contact.  For further information, contact Leslie Glover II, Assistant Program Manager, Washington, DC, at (602) 309-9536 or leslie.glover@usda.gov.  For questions about a current application contact SPSD Local Mentoring Coordinators Suzy Reidel or D’anne Morgan.



Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment



 Attachment - SPSD Mentoring FAQs

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