NB_270_21_2 - NB 270-21-2 IRM – Fiscal Year 2021 State Information Technology Investment Equipment Request Data Call
NB 270-21-2 IRM – Fiscal Year 2021 State Information Technology Investment Equipment Request Data Call
National Bulletin: 270-21-2 Date: March 31, 2021
Subject: IRM – Fiscal Year 2021 State Information Technology Investment Equipment Request Data Call

Action Requested By:   April 23, 2021
Purpose.   To request fiscal year (FY) 2021 nonworkstation (equipment) information technology (IT) investment data.   
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2021

Background.   To comply with the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) of 2014, manage the agency IT cap, and adhere to the acquisition approval request (AAR) limits, NRCS Management and Strategy (M&S) Deputy Area’s Strategic Support Services Division (SSSD) will be partnering with the FPAC Business Center to request and track IT investment requests each fiscal year.

The intent is to have one AAR in place for NRCS for FY 2021, eliminating the need for States to submit separate AAR requests for requirements exceeding $25,000. NRCS has an IT spend cap and line items and corresponding AAR’s for workstation and nonworkstation purchases. Collecting estimates and assembling a plan enables effective and transparent planning, programming, budgeting, and execution for IT resources across the agency. It provides appropriate visibility and involvement of the FPAC Assistant Chief Information Officer and NRCS leadership in the management and oversight of IT resources to support the successful implementation of cybersecurity policies to prevent interruption or exploitation of program services.


Explanation.   The SSSD will partner with the FPAC Business Center Information Solutions Division to collect and track the IT investment data for workstation and nonworkstation/other IT. This national bulletin is focused on nonworkstation purchases. Guidelines for workstation purchases were communicated in National Bulletin (NB), 270-21-1, “Fiscal Year 2021 State Information Technology Investment Request Data Call,” posted March 18, 2021.

The SSSD provided last year’s estimate/spend cap for nonworkstation IT in the same Teams channel by region as the workstation data call. We ask that in that same “post” section of the Teams channel, your area’s assistant State conservationist for M&S or chief of staff enter the total amount your area estimates to spend for FY 2021 and under which Budget Object Class (BOC) you intend to place those purchases.

Note: This estimate only includes the purchase of equipment, not workstations being reported per NB 270-21-1.

While equipment is purchased using State/deputy area funds, purchases must remain below the budget line item, IT cap, and AAR limits. Following the submission date deadline of April 23, 2021, spend caps will be communicated. National Headquarters will be able to pull reports of actual spending throughout the remainder of the fiscal year using the BOC reports you identified.

Note the following process change: Send all Type 2 purchases, and Type 1 purchases exceeding $100 per individual unit, to FPAC.AssetManagement@usda.gov for review and signature before it is sent for procurement.

Contact.   For questions, or more information regarding this data call, post your questions directly in your Teams channel. Requests for permissions changes and spending cap adjustments should be submitted in the Teams channel. The Teams channels are being monitored for activity. Submit data by COB April 23, 2021.


Deputy Chief for Management and Strategy

TERRELL ERICKSON                                                    JAMES E.TILLMAN, JR.
Regional Conservationist – Northeast                            Regional Conservationist – Southeast

ASTOR BOOZER                                                          SALVADOR SALINAS
Regional Conservationist – West                                   Regional Conservationist – Central

Assistant Chief Information Officer
FPAC Information Solutions Division 
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