TN_190_NM_21_10 - Nutrient Management - 10 - Feed and Animal Management for Horses
Nutrient Management - 10 - Feed and Animal Management for Horses
Technical Notes: 190-NM-10   Date: March 16, 2021 
Subject: ECS - Technical Note 190, Nutrient Management, 10, "Feed and Animal Management for Horses"

Purpose.   To announce the release of Title 190, Nutrient Management (NM), Technical Note 10, “Feed and Animal Management for Horses,” for use by NRCS personnel, partners, technical service providers, growers, and others.       
Effective Date.   Effective upon receipt. 

Explanation.   The technical note was developed to explain the impact of horses on natural resources as it relates to feed and animal management.

Distribution. This directive is available on the NRCS Electronic Directives System website at

Filing Instructions. Due to printing and distribution costs, the availability of this information is limited to electronic format. If a paper copy is retained, file it sequentially under the Nutrient Management subheading within Title 190 of the Technical Note binder.

Contact.   Contact the National Leader, Acting Animal Husbandry Specialist, Ecological Sciences Division and East National Technical Support Center, at (336) 370-3406, or by email at, with questions regarding this directive.     


Deputy Chief for Science and Technology
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