NB_230_21_1 - NB 230-21-1 EOP – Nominations for NRCS Chief’s Conservation Stewardship Awards
NB 230-21-1 EOP – Nominations for NRCS Chief’s Conservation Stewardship Awards
National Bulletin: 230-21-1   Date: November 13, 2020  
Subject: EOP – Nominations for NRCS Chief’s Conservation Stewardship Awards

Action Required By:   May 14, 2021   
Purpose.   The Chief’s Conservation Stewardship Awards (CCSA) recognize substantial accomplishments and contributions from NRCS employees. These award categories were developed to reward employees who demonstrate innovation and initiative well beyond the supervisor’s expectations for the employee's position. Requirements for nominations, including the timeline and submission process for fiscal year 2021 nominations, are described in Attachments A, B and C.  
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2021  
Background.   NRCS plays a vital role in supporting conservation efforts across America's landscape. Working on a voluntary basis with private landowners, NRCS delivers to its customers conservation planning and technical and financial assistance through the Farm Bill and other Programs and Initiatives. Our mission is to deliver conservation solutions so agricultural producers can protect natural resources and feed a growing world. Our vision is a world of clean and abundant water, healthy soils, resilient landscapes, and thriving agricultural communities through voluntary conservation.       
Explanation.   The USDA Awards Program is a 3-tier awards program. Tier 1 recognizes employees for their substantial and noteworthy accomplishments at the Agency level. Tier 2 recognizes employee’s accomplishments at the Under Secretary level. Tier 3 recognizes the most significant accomplishments aligned with each of the Department’s strategic goals. The NRCS CCSA is Tier 1 of the 3-tier USDA awards program.  

The CCSA program (Tier 1) consists of various individual and team categories based on the Agency’s and Department’s strategic goals and objectives.

All USDA NRCS employees are eligible for the CCSA. Team nominations are limited to 25 team members, including 2 team leaders (exceptions to the limit will be considered on a case-by-case basis). The NRCS Chief makes final selections of CCSA winners.    

Contact.   Myron Taylor, Regional Conservationists Chief of Staff, at NRCS.ORC@usda.gov.     


NRCS Acting Chief

Attachment A – CCSA Nomination Form

Attachment B – CCSA Award Poster

Attachment C – CCSA Notice

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