NB_190_21_1 - NB 190-21-1 TCH - Gathering Data About State Customization of NRCS-CPA-52
NB 190-21-1 TCH - Gathering Data About State Customization of NRCS-CPA-52
National Bulletin: 190-21-1 Date: October 15, 2020
Subject: TCH - Gathering Data About State Customization of NRCS-CPA-52

Action Required By:  November 6, 2020
Purpose.  To gather information about state innovation and adaption for evaluation and documentation of Special Environmental Concerns (SECs) using the NRCS Environmental Evaluation (NRCS-CPA-52), so it can inform development requirements for new business tools.
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2021
Background.  Significant progress has been made for integration of the NRCS Environmental Evaluation (EE) with Conservation Desktop (CD) and Conservation Assessment and Ranking Tool (CART). In early fiscal year (FY) 2021, several features supporting evaluation and documentation of SECs, as well as the Purpose and Need for Action, will become available for use in states. Development of additional features will continue throughout FY 2021, and a completely integrated EE will be ready for nationwide adoption in FY 2022.

Explanation.  In order to inform and guide the development of new features for the integrated NRCS-CPA-52, including state-customization needs, the Ecological Sciences Division and Conservation Planning and Technical Assistance Division are seeking information about how states use the following information:

• State-provided geospatial data,
• State-provided procedures,
• State-level programmatic agreements, and
• State, Local, or Tribal laws or regulations included in the NRCS-CPA-52.

A web survey to gather state responses is provided at:

Completion of this survey is estimated to take approximately 15 minutes or less. A list of the survey questions is provided as Attachment A.

State responses are voluntary. Negative responses are not necessary. However, states that are interested in supplying information to assist the Team determine state-configurability requirements and capability needs for the integration of the NRCS-CPA-52 in CD and CART should complete the survey by close of business November 6, 2020. Respondents should only submit one response per state.

Contact. xx Please direct questions about the survey to Jeremy Roston at jeremy.roston@usda.gov, or Matt Flint at matt.flint@usda.gov.


Deputy Chief for Science and Technology 

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