M_440_530 - Part 530 – Working Lands Conservation Programs Manual
Part 530 – Working Lands Conservation Programs Manual

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Table of Contents

Contracting Policy


Subpart A - General Information

530.0 General

530.1 Definitions

530.2 Responsibilities

530.3 Delegation of Authority

530.4 Historically Underserved Individuals and Groups

530.5 Information, Outreach and Training

530.6 Access to Data

530.7 Policy Waivers

530.8 Environmental Service Credits for Conservation Improvements

530.9 Changes to Hard Copies of Documents

Subpart B - Managing Funds                           

530.10 General

530.11 Fund Spending Limits and Management

530.12 Funding Preparation Activities

530.13 Program Payment Schedules

Subpart C - Application for Assistance

530.20 General

530.21 Producer Types with Additional Considerations

530.22 Application Requirements

530.23 Submitting Applications

530.24 Signature Authority

530.25 Signature Documentation

Supbart D - Application Processing

530.30 General

530.31 Planning

530.32 Screening

530.33 Assessment

530.34 Ranking

530.35 Selecting Assessments for Funding

530.36 Disaster Assistance

530.37 ACT NOW

Subpart E - Contract Development and Requirements

530.40 General

530.41 Approval Process

530.42 Contract Components

530.43 Contract Requirements

Subpart F - Payments

530.50 Payment Requirements

530.51 Processing Payment Applications

530.52 Payment Types

530.53 Disapproval of Payment Applications

530.54 Payments not Authorized

Subpart G - Modifications

530.60 Contract Modifications

530.61 Contract Increases

530.62 Documentation Requirements

530.63 Destruction of Conservation Practices or Activities under an Active Contract

530.64 Reapplication of Failed Conservation Treatment

Subpart H - Contract Reviews and Quality Assurance

530.70 General

530.71 Review Types

530.72 Quality Assurance

Subpart I - Contract Violations

530.80 General

530.81 Documenting Noncompliance

530.82 Addressing Noncompliance and Violations

530.83 Other Violations

530.84 Cancellation and Termination of Contracts

530.85 Recovery of Costs and Liquidated Damages              

530.86 Claims, Debt Collections, and Offsets

530.87 Unauthorized Commitments

530.88 Equitable Relief, Appeals, and Mediation

Subpart J – Program Evaluation

530.90 Purpose

530.91 References

530.92 Definitions

530.93 Background

530.94 Responsibilities

530.95 Policy

Subpart K – Management of Contracts Obligated Prior to Fiscal Year 2020

530.100 General Information

530.101 Managing Funds

530.102 Application for Assistance

530.103 Application Processing

530.104 Contract Development and Requirements

530.105 Payments

530.106 Modifications

530.107 Contract Reviews and Quality Assurance

530.108 Contract Violations

530.109 Program Evaluation

530.110 Program Exhibits

Subpart L – Alternative Funding Arrangements (AFAs) for EQIP and CSP

530.111 General

530.112 AFA Funds Management

530.113 AFA Payments and Payment Limitations

530.114 AFA Requests from Tribes

530.115 AFA Programmatic Agreements (PAs)

530.116 AFA Conservation Practices and Resource Concerns

530.117 AFA Tribal Member Applications and Contracting

530.118 AFA Changes: Amendments, Modifications, and Terminations

530.119 AFA Exhibits

     A.  Programmatic Agreement Template for EQIP and CSP AFAs

     B.  AFA Obligations and Payments           

Subpart M – Reserved                            

Subpart N – Reserved   

Subpart O - Exhibits

530.140 Exhibit Uses

531.141 Letter Templates

530.141A Application Deferral Letter updated 7/15/2020

530.141B Ineligibility Determination for Conservation Program Contract Letter updated Feb/2021

530.141C Intent to Proceed Letter updated 7/15/2020

530.141D Early Start Waiver Approval Letter

530.141E Early Start Waiver Disapproval Letter

530.141F Application Approval Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141G Annual Schedule of Operations Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141H Debt Collection Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141I Administrative Review Control of Land Letter updated Feb/2021

530.141J Administrative Review Beginning Farmer or Rancher Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141K Administrative Review Veteran Farmer or Rancher Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141L Administrative Review Limited Resource Farmer or Rancher Letter  updated Feb/2021

530.141M Cancellation without Cost Recovery Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141N Cancellation with Cost Recovery Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141O Termination With Cost Recovery Letter  updated Feb/2021

530.141P General Waiver Letter updated Feb/2021

530.141Q Deceased Participant Template Letter updated Nov/2021

530.141R Unfunded Notification for Partially Funded Application Letter New Feb/2021

530.142 Checklists

530.142A Checklist to Address NRCS Customer Eligibility

530.142B Program Contract File List

530.142C Payment Review Checklist 

530.142D AGI Limitation Waiver Request Worksheet  New Feb/2021

530.142E Conservation Program Application Checklist updated Nov/2021

530.143 Charts and References

530.143A Transfer of Land Conditions  updated Feb/2021

530.143B Indicators of Erroneous Payment  updated Feb/2021

530.143C Program Eligibility Matrices updated Nov/2021

530.143D Schedule of Operations Review

530.143E Annual Administrative Reviews  updated Feb/2021

530.143F Diagram for Deceased or Incapacitated Participants  updated Feb/2021

530.143G Crosswalk of Terminology  updated Feb/2021

530.143H Assignment of Payment to FSA updated Nov/2021

530.143I Food Security Act of 1985 as Amended  

530.143J Noncompliance Flowchart  updated Feb/2021 

530.143K Business Tools Quick Reference updated Nov/2021

530.143L Table for Deceased or Incapacitated Participants updated Nov/2021

530.143M Appeal Rights 7/15/2020

530.143N Delegation of Authority   updated Feb/2021

530.143O Farm Bill 2018 Veteran Farmer or Rancher Determination Matrix New Feb/2021

530.144 Forms           

530.144A Summary of Forms Used updated Nov/2021

530.144B CCC-CPA-36_Assignment of Payment 

530.144C NRCS-CPA-125_Application for Payment to Deceased or Incapacitated Participant

530.144D NRCS-CPA-1257 Landowner Concurrence Form to Install Structural or Vegetative Conservation Activities       

530.144E NRCS-CPA-1270 Consent to Release or Receive Information for NRCS Program Participation  New Feb/2021     

Program Specific Policy

Subpart P – Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA)                           

530.200 General

530.201 AMA Funds Management

530.202 AMA Eligibility

530.203 AMA Planning

530.204 AMA Application Processing

530.205 AMA Contracting

530.206 AMA Payments and Payment Limitations

530.220 AMA Exhibits

530.220A Form NRCS-CPA-1263, “Template for Producer Self-Certification – Fiscal Year Payments”

530.220B AMA Regulation - 7 CFR Part 1465

530.220C AMA Statute

Subpart Q – Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

530.300 General

530.301 CSP Funds Management

530.302 CSP Eligibility

530.303 CSP Planning

530.304 CSP Application Processing

530.305 CSP Contracting and Contract Management

530.306 CSP Payment and Payment Limitations

530.310 CSP Grassland Conservation Initiative (CSP-GCI)

530.320 CSP Exhibits

530.320A CSP Preobligation Checklist updated Nov/2021

530.320B CSP-GCI Preobligation Checklist updated Nov/2021

530.320C Form NRCS-CPA-1248, “Contract Renewal Offer Worksheet”

530.320D CSP Regulation - 7 CFR Part 1470 updated Feb/2021

530.320E CSP Contract Renewal Notification Letter updated Feb/2021

530.320F CSP Unfunded Renewal Notification Letter updated Dec/2021

530.320G Determining Substantially Separate Operations

530.320H CSP Renewals and the 2-Year Ineligibility Period New Feb/20210

530.320I Nationally Applicable Resource Concern Categories for CSP Assessments New Nov/2021 

Subpart R – Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)              

530.400 General

530.401 EQIP Funds Management

530.402 EQIP Eligibility

530.403 EQIP Planning

530.404 EQIP Application Processing

530.405 EQIP Contracting and Contract Management

530.406 EQIP Payments and Payment Limitations

530.407 Conservation Innovation Grants

530.408 EQIP Conservation Incentive Contracts

530.420 EQIP Exhibits

530.420A EQIP Preobligation Checklist updated Nov/2021

530.420B EQIP Conservation Incentives Preobligation Checklist

530.420C EQIP Irrigation History Waiver Worksheet

530.420D EQIP Regulation — 7 CFR Part 1466  updated Feb/2021

530.420E Advance Payment Collection Letter updated 7/15/2020

530.420F EQIP Water Management Entity Flowchart  New Feb/2021

530.420G EQIP AGI Applicability and Payment Limitation Waiver Request Worksheet  New Feb/2021

Subpart S - RCPP Land Management and Rental Producer Contracts

530.500 General

530.501 RCPP Funds Management

530.502 RCPP Eligibility

530.503 RCPP Planning

530.504 RCPP Application Process

530.505 RCPP Contracting and Contract Management

530.506 RCPP Contract Payment and Contract Limitations

530.507 RCPP Rental Activity Payments

530.520 RCPP Exhibits

530.520A RCPP Rental Activity Worksheet

530.520B RFRP Payment Scenario Justification Worksheet

530.520C RCPP Regulation - 7 CFR Part 1464

530.520D RCPP Land Management and Rental Preobligation Checklist



[M_440_530 - 1st Ed., Amend. 144, Dec 2021 - ]