NB_180_20_1 - NB 180-20-1 CPA - Changes to Title 180, General Manual, Part 409, "Conservation Planning Policy"
NB 180-20-1 CPA - Changes to Title 180, General Manual, Part 409, "Conservation Planning Policy"
National Bulletin: 180-20-1  Date: October 21, 2019
Subject: CPA – Changes to Title 180, General Manual, Part 409, “Conservation Planning Policy”  

Purpose.   To notify States of the revision to Title 180, General Manual, Part 409 (180-GM-409), “Conservation Planning Policy,” and the major changes to that policy.    
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2020
Background.   Conservation Planning Policy, 180-GM-409, Amendment 44, was posted to eDirectives on September 30, 2019.         

Explanation.  Changes to policy in this revision include:

409.1 E – Modified paragraph

E. A conservation plan is a record of the client’s decisions and supporting information for treatment of a unit of land for one or more identified natural resource concerns as a result of the planning process. The plan describes the schedule of implementation for practices and activities needed to address identified natural resource concerns and takes advantage of opportunities. The needs of the client, the resources, and Federal, State, Tribal, and local requirements will be met.

409.1 G – Added paragraph

G. A nationally supported tool that automates and streamlines the resource concern assessment process (e.g. Conservation Assessment Ranking Tool or Conservation Desktop) can be used to document meeting FOTG planning criteria for conservation program planning purposes. Although an automated assessment tool may not directly rely on the assessment methodology identified in the planning criteria, it utilizes similar inputs to provide thresholds to document whether planning criteria have been achieved.

409.9 D (3) i and ii – Added AgLearn to the options for taking this training and removed OJT as an option.

(3) (i) - Using Basic Soil Survey Information in Conservation Planning. (AgLearn or State)

(3) (ii) - Fundamentals of highly erodible land (HEL) and wetland conservation (WC) provisions training (AgLearn or State)

409.9 D (9) - Changed NEDC to EDS.

409.13 and 409.14 – minor changes     

Contact.   Questions concerning amendment 44 to 180-GM-409, “Conservation Planning Policy,” should be directed to Arlen Ricke, Conservation Planning Specialist, Conservation Planning Branch, at arlen.ricke@usda.gov.   


Deputy Chief for Programs    

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