NB_360_19_4 - NB 360-19-4 PER – Employee Development Training Needs Inventory
NB 360-19-4 PER – Employee Development Training Needs Inventory
National Bulletin: 360-19-4         Date: September 24, 2019  
Subject: PER – Employee Development Training Needs Inventory

Action Required By:  October 18, 2019  
Purpose.   To request input for fiscal year (FY) 2020 Training Needs Inventory (TNI).     
Expiration Date.   September 30, 2020   
Background.   The Associate Chief and Regional Conservationists are requesting National Headquarters (NHQ), Centers, and States to submit their projected training needs for FY 2020 to the Management & Strategy Deputy Area (M&S) by October 18, 2019.         

Explanation.   To determine the number of classes needed to fulfill the training needs of NRCS, M&S will work with the Employee Development Section to analyze the collected data and use those results along with other considerations to present a list of national training offerings. All training events will be set up in AgLearn for booking.

To request courses, training officers must enter the required information in the Strategic Support SharePoint TNI list at https://usdagcc.sharepoint.com/sites/NRCS-SSSD/Lists/FY2020%20Training%20Needs%20Intentory%20%20Data%20Call/AllItems.aspx, by completing all the following steps:

1. Click +New in the upper left-hand corner.
2. Use the drop-down boxes to select your State or NHQ Department.
3. Select Course Name from the drop-down list. The attachment “FY 2020 EDS Training Courses” contains the same courses listed in the system.
4. Enter Number of Seats Requested.
5. Enter POC name, email, and any comments.
6. Click Submit.

Note: Each additional class entry requires starting back at +New to create a new data line.

Permissions to the SharePoint site were granted using the AgLearn NRCS contact list located at: https://usda.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1707#NRCS.     

Contact.   For further information or questions, or a change in SharePoint site permissions, please contact Sharif Branham at sharif.branham@usda.gov  or Rebecca Salazar at rebecca.salazar@usda.gov.     


Associate Chief

ASTOR BOOZER                                   TERRELL ERICKSON
Regional Conservationist, West              Regional Conservationist, Northeast

SALVADOR SALINAS                            JAMES TILLMAN
Regional Conservationist, Central          Regional Conservationist, Southeast
 Attachment – FY 2020 EDS Training Courses    
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