NB_430_19_7 - NB 430-19-7 SOI – USDA Climate Hub Liaison Detail
NB 430-19-7 SOI – USDA Climate Hub Liaison Detail
National Bulletin: 430-19-7    Date: September 18, 2019
Subject: SOI – USDA Climate Hub Liaison Detail

Action Requested By:  November 1, 2019 
Purpose.  To solicit qualified NRCS employees to serve on a 1-year detail to the USDA Climate Hubs, starting January 2020.   
Expiration Date.  December 31, 2020
Background.  NRCS solicits applications and selects three employees each year as project liaisons to the USDA Climate Hubs: https://www.climatehubs.oce.usda.gov/.          

Explanation.  NRCS supports the 10 USDA regional Climate Hubs each year by providing three employees as “Agency Project Liaisons.” The selected employees are on detail for the calendar year, remain at their current duty station, and under NRCS supervision and funding, but work full time directly with a specific climate hub on a focused project that provides benefits to both NRCS and the USDA Climate Hub. This detail is open to all employees regardless of grade, but applicants should be capable of creating their own workload, functioning independently, and managing their time.

Over the past 4 years, 12 NRCS employees have worked as liaisons on various projects/topics including developing the “Adaptation Resources in Agriculture” workbook; reinforcing agroforestry adaptation in the Southern and Northern Plains; developing a wind erosion and dust mitigation handbook; expanding the application of soil health practices for multiple cropping systems; developing a project with Tribal Nations using weather stations to support both agriculture and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education; and creating a drought vulnerability assessment at the major land resource area level to develop adaptation options for mitigation of drought impacts on Southwest rangelands.

USDA Climate Hub liaison applications are currently being sought from interested NRCS employees for the detail year that begins on January 1, 2020.

Liaisons typically work on a project or topical area within a single hub region. This work should be of interest as well as within the skill level of the liaison. Applicants are encouraged to design and submit a project or workplan that addresses both NRCS and USDA Climate Hub needs with their application. They are encouraged to contact the respective USDA Climate Hub director in their region of interest prior to submitting an application to better understand the needs of the hub and to gauge the interest level of the hub.

Areas of need where the USDA Climate Hubs are seeking assistance are—
• Predisaster preparation and postdisaster assessment.
• Agroforestry and climate-informed reforestation planning.
• Climate impacts on infrastructure (e.g., dam maintenance/resilience, terraces).
• Tribal climate adaptation and the Tribal Soil Climate Analysis Network.
• Adaptation workbook regionalization.
• Integrating climate adaptation strategies into NRCS conservation standards (interest in California, Arizona, Wisconsin).
• Tool/technology innovation for climate adaptation.
• Salinization along coastal areas.
• Nutrient management and climate impacts of adoption (soil health).
• Economics of adaptation practice adoption.
• Projected climate precipitation change and soil loss/erosion.

Interested employees should submit the following information to Mike Wilson (mike.wilson2@usda.gov) on or before November 1, 2019:
• Name, current position, supervisor’s name, and contact info
• Hub region of interest
• Description of proposed project
• Benefits to the liaison’s home agency
• Benefits to the specific hub     

Contact.  If you have any questions about the liaison program, please contact Mike Wilson, senior scientist, at (402) 802-0428 or mike.wilson2@usda.gov.


 Acting Deputy Chief for Soil Science & Resource Assessment


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