NB_210_19_6 - NB 210-19-6 ENG – NRCS Emergency Action Plan Template Update
NB 210-19-6 ENG – NRCS Emergency Action Plan Template Update
National Bulletin: 210-19-6 Date: September 5, 2019
Subject: ENG ­– NRCS Emergency Action Plan Template Update

Purpose. To announce the availability of an update to the NRCS EAP template and supporting information.
Expiration Date. October 31, 2020  
Background. Title 210 National Engineering Manual (NEM), Part 520, Subpart C – Dams contains NRCS policy on the need for emergency action plans.  Owners and operators of high hazard dams are responsible for developing emergency action plans (EAP) and keeping them current.  These plans help reduce the risk to loss of life and property if a dam fails. 


In 2004, NRCS and the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) launched a joint effort to develop a sample EAP for earthen high hazard dams.  Through this effort, NRCS developed a sample EAP, an electronic fillable form template, and helpful hints to help prepare site specific EAPs.  Many States adapted this sample as a basis for their EAPs.


In 2013, FEMA issued revised federal guidelines for EAPs (FEMA P-64).  NRCS revised the original NRCS sample EAP and fillable form template to be consistent with FEMA P-64 and to incorporate edits suggested since NRCS issued the original template.


Some of the major revisions were:

•     Changed description of emergency levels from 1, 2, 3 to descriptive titles;

•     Added High Flow emergency level for situations when auxiliary spillway flows could inundate homes, business, roads, or other infrastructure; 

•     Changed reference from Evacuation Map to Inundation Map;

•     Included reference to DamWatch alerts and documentation in tickets;

•     Made several miscellaneous edits; and

•     Adapted a MSWord 2019 template


Users may edit the electronic fillable form template as necessary to adapt the format and content as necessary to meet state or local requirements and site‐specific situations.

Explanation.  Access the updated EAP and supporting information thru eDirectives in Title 180 - National Operation and Maintenance Manual, Subpart G at:


Obtain preprinted Divider Tabs for emergency action plans thru the NRCS Distribution Center at https://nrcspad.sc.egov.usda.gov/DistributionCenter/.  Type 210–020 or High Hazard Dams Emergency Action Plans in the input box.

Contact. For further information, please contact Ken Worster, Acting National Design Engineer, at (970) 295-5215 or ken.worster@usda.gov.    




Deputy Chief for Science and Technology


Attachment A – EAP Updated Template

Attachment B – Instructions and Helpful Hints to Develop EAPs

Attachment C – Information Sheet on Availability of Update EAP Template

Attachment D – Example EAP     

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