UG_210_19_7 - UG 210-19-7 ENG – McBreach© Version 5.0.7
UG 210-19-7 ENG – McBreach© Version 5.0.7
User Guide: 210-19-7         Date: September 5, 2019
Subject: ENG – McBreach© Version 5.0.7

Purpose.   This user guide announces the availability and provides documentation for the use of McBreach© version 5.0.7.    
Effective Date.   Effective upon receipt.   

Background.   The purpose of McBreach©, developed by Kleinschmidt, is to provide hydraulic engineers extensive additional tools to evaluate probabilities involved with downstream flooding from dam breaches. McBreach© is an application that interfaces with the hydraulics program HEC-RAS, from the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center in Davis, CA. This is the first CCE version of McBreach©. McBreach© version 5.0.7 only functions with HEC-RAS version 5.0.7.

Distribution. NRCS tested and on August 15, 2019 CCE certified McBreach© version 5.0.7 for deployment to NRCS Information Technology Service (ITS) supported workstations running Windows 10 x64. The project reference number is RFC CRQ3569222.

NRCS users are to obtain McBreach© version through their ITS support managers who can download and install the software. NRCS makes no official printing or distribution of user documentation. The software includes a digital user manual which explains how to interface with HEC-RAS.       

Filing Instructions.   Users wishing to retain paper copies of the McBreach© documentation should print it themselves and place in a three-ring binder adjacent to other technical directives.     

Contact.   For assistance with McBreach©, contact the NRCS HEC-RAS support team at ug-LO-OR-NRCS-HECRAS.

Contact the National Hydraulic Engineer, Conservation Engineering Division (CED) by telephone at (202) 720-0772 or by email to with questions about this directive.    



Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

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