NB_440_19_26 - NB 440-19-26 PGM- National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) End of Fiscal Year Management
NB 440-19-26 PGM- National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) End of Fiscal Year Management
National Bulletin: 440-19-26 Date: August 19, 2019
Subject: PGM- National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) End of Fiscal Year Management

Action Required By: September 27, 2019    
Purpose. To provide information regarding data entry deadlines for fiscal year 2019 and the annual NEST maintenance schedule.  
Expiration Date.  December 31, 2019
Background. NEST will undergo annual end-of-fiscal-year maintenance activities September 27, 2019, through approximately November 1, 2019, during which time NEST will be unavailable to users.  NEST will also undergo version updating during this scheduled downtime, which may extend the outage period past the anticipated November 1, 2019, date.   During this time, NEST will be unavailable to all system users except those who are granted limited data quality assurance access permissions. A NEST alert will be sent from the NEST Support Box to announce when the system is back online for all users. 

Explanation.  All easement programs and other stewardship land information, including but not limited to information related to applications, agreements, closings, restoration, modifications and monitoring, must be accurately reflected in NEST prior to the system going offline on Friday, September 27, 2019 (see National Bulletin 440-19-2, “Fiscal Year 2019 National Easement Staging Tool (NEST) Interim Timeline Guidance”, for additional information on data entry into NEST).  At a minimum, all programmatic actions with corresponding NEST data elements must be entered in NEST within the same fiscal year that the action occurred.  NEST records must be created for all applications regardless of whether the applications will be funded. 

It is imperative that all NEST data are complete and accurate by the end of each fiscal year.  NEST reports should be utilized to confirm that current and prior fiscal year data are accurate and updated as needed, prior to the September 27, 2019 deadline.  Data that are not entered in NEST prior to the end-of-fiscal-year maintenance period will not be counted in fiscal year (FY) 2019.  Required data entry includes, but is not limited to, correct acreage amounts, STC signed dates, closing dates, recording dates, and restoration completion dates. End-of-fiscal-year cumulative data is used in the analysis of States’ performance and is a critical source of information required for the agency’s annual financial statement.  Additionally, NEST data on FY 2019 unfunded applications, closing and restoration backlog, and other metrics will be used in the evaluation of States’ FY 2020 financial and technical assistance allocation requests.

During this scheduled maintenance period, NEST Support may initiate contact with individual States regarding records that require corrections or updates.  If your State receives an email from NEST Support concerning an update or correction needed to FY 2019 data, have one State representative readily reply. Access may be temporarily granted on a case-by-case basis while NEST is offline. Your rapid response and actions are appreciated.

After NEST becomes available again in November, States must enter all activities that occurred during the time the system was offline.  States will have 10 days from the date that NEST reopens to enter closing dates for easements that were acquired while NEST was offline.

Contact. Questions regarding this bulletin or NEST may be directed to the following email address: NESTsupport@wdc.usda.gov.   




Deputy Chief for Programs 

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