NB_190_19_18 - NB 190-19-18 ECS – Updated Cover Crop Termination Guidelines
NB 190-19-18 ECS – Updated Cover Crop Termination Guidelines
National Bulletin: 190-19-18  Date: July 22, 2019
Subject: ECS - Updated Cover Crop Termination Guidelines

Purpose.   To distribute the updated guidelines for termination of cover crops.     
Expiration Date.   December 31, 2019.   
Background.   To ensure USDA policies are coordinated and up-to-date with cover crop practices and guidelines, the NRCS Chief, Risk Management Agency (RMA) Administrators, and Farm Service Agency (FSA) organized an interagency workgroup to develop consistent, simple, and flexible policy across the three agencies.  National and local experts, along with multiple stakeholders, were involved in the process.  Research literature, plant growth data, soil hydrology models, and input from national and local experts in cover crop management provided the basis for the guidelines to achieve their conservation benefits while minimizing risk of reducing yield to the following crop due to soil water use.          
Explanation.   The “Cover Crop Termination Guidelines” (Guidelines) are applicable to all USDA programs.  The 2018 Farm Bill made cover cropping an RMA good farming practice (GFP).  RMA, NRCS, and FSA are jointly publishing the updated Guidelines (attached) to provide assurance to producers that their crop is insured and their cover cropping management decisions will be considered a GFP.

It is important to note that the updated Guidelines do not require NRCS review and approval of plantings that deviate from the Guidelines.

The updated Guidelines are posted on the NRCS web page at: https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/main/national/landuse/crops/.   

Contact.   For questions or for additional information, please contact Steve Boetger, acting national agronomist, at steve.boetger@usda.gov or (336) 370-3362.    


JIMMY BRAMBLETT                                      DIANE GELBURD  
Deputy Chief for Programs                           Deputy Chief for Science & Technology  

 Cover Crop Termination Guidelines  
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