NB_300_19_16 - NB 300-19-16 LTP – Solicitation of Employees to Support National Conservation Reserve Program Advisory Committee
NB 300-19-16 LTP – Solicitation of Employees to Support National Conservation Reserve Program Advisory Committee
National Bulletin: 300-19-16 Date: March 29, 2019
Subject: LTP – Solicitation of Employees to Support National Conservation Reserve Program Advisory Committee

Action Requested By: April 30, 2019
Purpose.  To solicit employees to support the National Conservation Reserve Program Advisory Committee.   
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2019
Explanation.  NRCS Financial Assistance Planning Division is seeking six individuals to serve a 2-year assignment to assist the NRCS national Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) program manager. The duties of this detail are to assist with tasks and policy support related to technical assistance NRCS provides Farm Service Agency (FSA) and producers to implement CRP.

Tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

• Provide support to NRCS CRP manager under the new Farm Protection and Conservation (FPAC) mission area related to NRCS’s technical responsibilities for implementing CRP across the nation
• Advise recommendations related to policy changes to FSA handbook 2-CRP
• Review all CRP conservation practices and update the correlating NRCS conservation practice standards related to new 2018 Farm Bill requirements
• Review and maintain 46 suitability and feasibility worksheets for all CCRP conservation practices, assist States with correlating CCRP worksheets for all CREP and SAFE practices, and update and maintain the instructions for worksheets as policies change
• Coordinate with Science and Technology division subject matter experts (SMEs) for input on all technical issues that National Headquarters is tasked with solving and address issues related to CRP practice maintenance versus management
• Assist in the development of short-term and long-term nationwide training strategies
• Assist in planning, announcing, and scheduling joint NRCS and FSA CRP nationwide training and other specific trainings
• Assist with a nationwide training for FSA and NRCS related to the 2018 MOA changes
• Assist with creating a quality assurance plan for reviewing CRP conservation plans at the State and field office level

Desired Qualifications
• Grade level 11 or higher (job series is not as important as knowledge and practical implementation of CRP)
• Team focused with working knowledge of policies contained in FSA’s handbook 2-CRP
• Field experience with CRP planning and implementation
• Experience coordinating CRP activities or tasks with NGO wildlife partners and TSPs
• Experience in writing and editing agency documents
• Proficient in using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other software
• Working knowledge of the agency directives system

Assignment Details
• Committee members will be located at the selectee’s current duty station with travel to National Headquarters at the USDA South Building as needed
• Selection - mix of advisors from all four NRCS regions
• Commit 10 hours a month or 120 hours throughout the year focused on headquarters CRP issues
• Salary and benefits will continue to be paid by duty unit and location
• Two-year commitment with an option to extend for an additional 2 years

How to Apply
Apply by submitting your resume (no more than two pages) and a short paragraph on why you are interested in the CRP Advisory Committee. Include strengths and experience that you would bring to the committee.

Please submit electronically to katrina.thompson@wdc.usda.gov by April 30, 2019. Supervisor approval must be obtained prior to submitting the application.      
Contact.  If you have questions regarding this bulletin, please contact Katrina Thompson, NRCS national CRP manager, at katrina.thompson@wdc.usda.gov or (202) 619-8528.


Deputy Chief for Programs

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