NB_180_19_6 - NB 180-19-6 CPA – Food Security Act Compliance Reviews for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019
NB 180-19-6 CPA – Food Security Act Compliance Reviews for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019
National Bulletin: 180-19-6    Date:      March 28, 2019  
Subject: CPA – Food Security Act Compliance Reviews for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019

Action Required By:  December 7, 2019        
Purpose.  To provide guidance for the implementation of Food Security Act (FSA) compliance reviews for FY 2019.    
Expiration Date.  December 27, 2019   
Background.  Compliance reviews are conducted to ensure that USDA program participants are complying with the highly erodible land conservation (HELC) and wetland conservation (WC) compliance provisions. Status reviews require an inspection of the tract for a wetland review and a review to determine if required conservation plans or systems have been implemented and are being maintained for HELC. Enter background         
Explanation.   National Headquarters (NHQ) has populated the list of tracts into the “FSA Compliance Review System.” Attachment A provides instructions to access a list of employees who participate in programs and the location data and contact information for selected tracts of participants who only participate in Federal crop insurance premium subsidy and who are exempted from maintaining tract data with the Farm Service Agency. NRCS employees who farm and participate in USDA programs are reviewed at least once every 3 years. States will determine the schedule for reviewing employee tracts.
Attachment B provides instructions for using the database. Compliance reviews must be completed by November 8, 2019, and States must enter data from the status reviews into the web-based “FSA Compliance Reviews” system and send notification of completed reviews to Gerome Andler by email at Gerome.Andler@ftw.usda.gov by December 6, 2019. A link to the “FSA Compliance Review” system is located on the “Field Tools” page of NRCS Connect.

The FPAC Performance Assessment and Risk Division and the NRCS Ecological Sciences Division are available upon request for regional teleconferences to discuss the application and to answer any questions regarding the 2019 FSA compliance review process.    
Contact.  Policy or program related questions or concerns should be directed to Jason Outlaw, National Wetland and HEL Compliance Specialist, Ecological Sciences Division, Science and Technology Deputy Area, at (202) 720-7838 or by email at jason.outlaw@wdc.usda.gov. For questions concerning the tract lists or the web application, contact Gerome Andler, Acting Program Section Chief, Internal Auditing Branch, Performance Accountability and Risk Division, at (817) 509-3307 or by email at gerome.andler@ftw.usda.gov.     


 Ken Hill                                                    Diane Gelburd

Division Director for                                     Acting Deputy Chief for
Performance Accountability and Risk             Science and Technology



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