NB_190_19_6 - NB 190-19-6 ECS – Internal Review of the Revised Pasture Condition Score Sheet
NB 190-19-6 ECS – Internal Review of the Revised Pasture Condition Score Sheet
National Bulletin: 190-19-6 Date: February 6, 2019
Subject: ECS – Internal Review of the Revised Pasture Condition Score Sheet

Action Requested By:  March 1, 2019
Purpose.  To solicit NRCS State specialists who are responsible for grazing lands planning on introduced pastures of the United States to review the draft revised “Pasture Condition Score Sheet” (PCSS) (attachment A) and the revised “Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring” (attachment B).   
Expiration Date.  March 30, 2019
Background.  In fiscal year 2016, the national range and pasture ecologist asked the East National Technology Support Center (ENTSC) grazing specialist to form a team to revise the current PCSS and “Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring” published in 2001 and 2003, respectively. The team of 16 specialists worked on introduced pastures, 14 from NRCS and 2 from the Agricultural Research Service. All regions of the United States that include pastureland were represented on the team. The objective of the revision was to add clarity to many of the indicators and create a tool that is applicable on all pastureland in the country. The intent is for the revised version be the official, national PCSS. As with the 2001 version, the revision continues to address the resource concerns of the specific pasture as well as its condition.

Explanation.  The PCSS has stayed consistent with the national quality criteria references of both individual indicators as well as the total score of all 10 indicators. The PCSS team strived to develop a quality and time-efficient scoring tool for NRCS planners to use on the pastureland use.

The PCSS team field tested the indicator revisions several times over the last 3 years. To further refine the tool, it will be field tested by several NRCS State office planning staff with the pastureland use in the spring and summer of 2019. Additionally, an external review will be conducted by several land grant universities in early 2019.

Please conduct your review of these documents for comments about their clarity, ease of understanding by planners and producers, and potential for providing a quality and time-efficient assessment. If your State does not wish to comment for low acreages of pastureland use, a “no comment” response is still requested.

Please submit your comments from your review on both the PCSS tool and the revised “Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring” to Kevin Ogles, ENTSC grazing specialist, by March 1, 2019, to kevin.ogles@gnb.usda.gov.

Contact.  Please direct questions to Kevin Ogles, ENTSC grazing specialist, at kevin.ogles@gnb.usda.gov, (336) 370-3366, or Victor Shelton, Indiana agronomist/grazing specialist, at victor.shelton@in.usda.gov, (317) 295-5895.


Acting Deputy Chief for Science and Technology


Attachment A – Pasture Condition Score Sheet (PCSS) Draft

Attachment B – Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring

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