NB_390_19_1 - NB 390-19-1 PDM – Watershed Rehabilitation Program, FY 2019 Funding Request
NB 390-19-1 PDM – Watershed Rehabilitation Program, FY 2019 Funding Request
National Bulletin: 390-19-1 Date: February 8, 2019
Subject: PDM – Watershed Rehabilitation Program, FY 2019 Funding Request

Action Required By:  March 15, 2019
Purpose.  To provide instructions for submitting fiscal year (FY) 2019 funding requests for the Watershed Rehabilitation Program. Funding requests are for all phases of the watershed rehabilitation program including, assessments, planning, design, and construction.
Expiration Date.  March 15, 2019
Background.  In preparation for fiscal year 2019 watershed rehabilitation funding, States will be able to submit their funding requests until March 15, 2019. While the Program Operations Information Tracking System (POINTS) is the agency’s official system for reporting and tracking funds request, the funding requests screen in POINTS is not available at this time. Until a new fund request screen in POINTS is made available, states will submit FY 2019 project funding requests on the attached spreadsheet (“FY 2019 Watershed Rehab Funds Request”).
Explanation.  To be considered for funding, the attached spreadsheet, “FY 2019 Watershed Rehab Funds Request,” must be completed in its entirety. Instructions are included in the spreadsheet and must be followed. In addition, the following supporting documentation must be submitted:

(1) Gantt chart or Excel spreadsheet showing the timeline to complete milestone activities and deliverables for each project phase (attached is an Excel spreadsheet “Watershed Rehab Project Timeline” that may be used as supporting documentation).

(2) Evaluation of Potential Rehabilitation Project worksheet found in Title 390, National Watershed Program Manual, Part 506, Subpart E, Section 506.40 (390-NWPM-506-E-506.40); documentation supporting population at risk computations.

(3) Letter from sponsors documenting their understanding and commitment to the project found in 390-NWPM-505-A-505.32B(11).

The funding request and all supporting documentation will be reviewed for accuracy and consistency. States may be asked to submit additional documentation that was developed for evaluating the population at risk.

Funding requests for dam assessments should also be submitted using the FY 2019 Watershed Rehab Funds Request spreadsheet; however, States may request individual assessments throughout the year by following the procedure in 390-NWPM-505-A-505.31.

Funding requests information and supporting documentation for watershed rehabilitation projects must be uploaded to the Watershed Rehab SharePoint site in the State’s folder labeled “FY 2019 Funds Request” by close of business on March 15, 2019. Instructions for submitting the funds request to the SharePoint site is also included on the spreadsheet.

Funding requests must be certified by the State conservationist to ensure all data represents the needs for the State and watershed project sponsors.
Contact.  For questions or comments regarding watershed rehabilitation fund requests, contact Jesse Wilson, Watershed Rehabilitation Program manager, at (202) 720-0189 (jesse.wilson@wdc.usda.gov).


Deputy Chief for Programs


Attachment A - FY 2019 Watershed Rehab Funds Request

Attachment B - Watershed Rehab Project Timeline (version 1)     

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