NB_250_19_5 - NB 250-19-5 FNM - 74th Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference
NB 250-19-5 FNM - 74th Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference
 National Bulletin: 250-19-5 Date: January 2, 2019  
Subject: FNM - 74th Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference  

Action Required By: February 15, 2019     
Purpose.  To collect attendance information for the 74th Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference, "Bridging the Divide: Uniting Rural and Urban Landscapes for Conservation," July  28-31,  2019,  in Pittsburgh, PA.
Expiration Date.   August 1, 2019
Background.  The 74th Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) International Annual Conference provides a forum for learning about the latest conservation research and practice, enhancing professional relationships, and contributing to solutions to difficult conservation challenges. The conference provides state-of -the-art training information exchange, technology transfer in all disciplines related to NRCS work, and supports USDA's scientific integrity policy. This year's conference theme offers unique opportunities to showcase innovative conservation efforts in rural and urban landscapes through the usual eight general conservation topic areas and three special topic areas of adapting landscapes to climate change, watershed conservation, and engaging the private sector.
Explanation.    Priority to attend the SWCS International Annual Conference will be given up to 100 field and area office employees to-


  • Interact  with  leaders  in the  profession  and learn about  professional trends.

  • Participate in the  policy dialogue on soil and water resource and environmental    issues.

  • Learn about the  latest trends  and techniques  being applied.

  • Participate in the cutting-edge activities of technical committees.

  • Learn  about the  projects  being undertaken  by  agency representatives.

  • Showcase NRCS's presence in the profession and  marketplace.

  • Meet top students, collaborators, and a highly qualified pool of potential employees.

Each State and administrative area may be reimbursed by National Headquarters (NHQ) for authorized travel expense (airfare or other travel mode, lodging, and per diem) up to the  number  of field or area  office employees allocated on Attachment B, "SWCS Attendance  Allocation  by State." NHQ will directly pay the registration fees for each approved field or area office employee. Once NHQ provides a  conference related travel accounting code to States, field and area employees approved to attend may  then have travel authorizations prepared in CONCUR. NHQ will also pay the registration fees directly to SWCS for the  up to 100 field and area office  employees.

State office and above-State work units must cover travel and registration costs of their employees approved to participate in the conference.


When identifying  employees  to  participate  in the conference,  please consider  the following factors:


  • Diversity

  • Skill level and how the  employee  will  benefit

  • Identified training  needs and how they  can be  addressed

All employees must identify  one of following  primary reasons to  be approved  to   attend:


  • Presenting  a paper or poster, or making a  presentation

  • Conducting training

  • Earning credits for  professional  development  or continuing education

  • Serving as an active member of a technical committee meeting  at the  annual    meeting

  • Receiving a major award

Certain travel restrictions are in place, so meeting these reasons does not guarantee travel approval.


Employees may use the conference for earning continuing  education requirements to  maintain a license  or certification including NRCS's certified conservation  planner policy (Title 180, General Manual, Part  409, Subpart A, Section 409.9) if the need is documented  in their individual  development  plan in AgLearn.

NRCS must submit a single request in CTAT conference request to obtain the necessary meeting approvals; therefore, we need to collect information on all attendees, regardless of their location or funding source. In order to obtain conference attendance approvals for all NRCS employees interested in attending this conference, State conservationists, national center directors, Pacific Islands and Caribbean Area directors, regional conservationists, and NHQ division directors must fill out the Attachment A, "Meeting Calculation Worksheet SWCS 2019," and return it by February 15, 2019, to Dan Dostie, State resource conservationist in Harrisburg, PA, at daniel.dostie@pa.usda.gov . Please address the subject line as "SWCS 2019."

Contact.  For questions about this bulletin please contact Dan Dostie at daniel.dostie@pa.usda.gov or (717)  237-2256.   



Acting Deputy Chief for Science and Technology       


Attachment A - Meeting Calculation Worksheet SWCS 2019

Attachment B - SWCS Attendance Allocation By State    

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