H_HSS_IA_210_650 - Part 650 - Engineering Field Handbook
Part 650 - Engineering Field Handbook


Table of Contents


Subpart D. Elementary Soils Engineering  (Chapter 4)                      


        IA650.30  Guidance for Soil Investigations for Engineering Projects in Iowa


        IA650.31  General


        IA650.32  Investigation Requirements


        IA650.33  Soil Classification Systems


 Subpart E. Structures  (Chapter 6)


        IA650.40  Types of Inlets for Principal Spillway Pipes


        IA650.41  Hydraulics of Hood Inlets, Canopy Inlets, and Pipe Drop Inlets


        IA650.42  Details and Dimensions of Hood Inlets, canopy Inlets, and Pipe Drop Inlets


Subpart J. Ponds and Reservoirs  (Chapter 11)


         IA650.90  Sediment Storage Requirements for Ponds and Reservoirs


Chapter 2 – Estimated Runoff Volume and Peak Discharge

        IA650.0202.B Rainfall Amount

        IA650.0212 Five Point Rainfall Distributions and Freeboard Rainfall Depths 


        IA650.0213 Runoff from Pothole Topography 


        IA650.0214 One-Hour Peak Runoff

Chapter 6 - Structures

       IA650.0602 Straight Drop Spillways

Chapter 7 - Grassed Waterways

       IA650.0703 Design Process




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